MARS Conjunct MERCURY in your Yearly SOLAR RETURN

Mars conjunct Mercury in Solar Return suggests a very energetic mind that is quick and alert though in need of a strong focus. 

The intent is either on import, acquiring knowledge, or on export, applying ideas to life issues and situations. You can be absorbed in a concentrated learning situation such as a degree program or creating a written masterpiece for publication. 

Learning can be very exciting and self-perpetuating even if you study alone. 

Working on a major project that is mentally taxing is a good way to channel the intensity of this conjunction into a positive venue. Without a goal or purpose that demands your attention, the mind may wan-der or become volatile and hypercritical. 

Despite this intensity, your ability to re-member what you are learning is not that good. Retention is an issue. Ideas move through and either evolve quickly into something bigger and better, or dissipate into nothingness. 

With Mars conjunct Mercury in 👉 Solar Return, you need to absorb and actively retain what you are learning. 
Do not allow your mind to float in and out of ideas without direction and purpose. Follow up on creative insights with action leading to manifestation and application. This may or may not be an easy task. The quickness associated with the learning process may not be so advantageous when to comes to malting decisions. 

The speed normally associated with Mars can indicate that you are impulsive and quick to jump to conclusions with little or no forethought You are prone to gut-level reactions rather than considered responses. Your hasty determinations can be followed by immediate, ill-advised action. Rash behavior can have a negative impact. You should slow things down a bit and allow for thorough research and careful reflection. 

Mars-Mercury combinations in Solar Return imply assertive ability and advocacy for those less fortunate. 
  • MARS Square or Opposite , Because the aspect between Mercury and Mars is either a square or an opposition, the involvement of other individuals is likely. This is true whether you are acquiring information, malting decisions, or arguing.. Learn More..
You can address an injustice during the Solar Return year. The area of concern might be related to the solar return House placement for Mercury and Mars. At its worst, this aspect can suggest aggressiveness and great anger. Ongoing conflicts and daily confrontations occur with very negative manifestations. 
  • MERCURY IN : ( | 1ST  | ) , ( |  2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( | 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH | ) , ) , ( | 7TH  | ) ( | 8TH  | )  ( | 9TH  | ) , ( |  10TH  | ) , ( |  11TH | ) , ( | 12TH  | )  HOUSE
  • MARS IN : ( | 1ST ) , ( | 2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH  | )  7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH  | ) , ( | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH  | ) , ( | 11TH | ) ,  ( | 12TH  | ) HOUSE
Sometimes, it will be difficult to determine who is the instigator and who is the victim. Those with strong tempers will have trouble controlling their anger and will vent over the smallest slight In the heat of the moment, contemptuous individuals blurt out hurtful comments without thinking about their effect on others or the consequences. Old unconscious anger and resentment may fuel the fire. While this may be healing for some, usually it is not. 

You may not be fighting for what you believe is right in this present moment; instead, you fight because you have been wronged in the past. Focusing on old angry thoughts and recreating historical conflicts can be a terrible waste of a good mind. 

Do not get trapped in a mental exercise going nowhere. Get motivated. Realize your dreams. Use this time to accomplish many things and manifest your most promising ideas. Learn from your experiences along the way, establishing a feedback loop of ideas leading to creative manifestations which then generate new insights and ideas to ponder further. 

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to Mercury

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS

Astrologers use the term "MARS  Conjunct MERCURY of Solar Return" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.


The interpretation of the solar return chart can stand alone and does not have to be related to the natal chart. A wealth of information can be obtained from just studying the solar return chart by itself, the house placements of the planets, and the aspects between them. But for those who look for natal confirmation or comparison of the solar return to the natal chart, place the natal chart outside the wheel of the solar return.

All sense of house placement is lost when the solar return goes outside the natal in a biwheel chart technique. This is a major loss, and it can cripple one's ability to interpret the solar return. There is a specific reason that the natal chart goes on the outside of a biwheel chart. As stated above, the solar return chart is meant to stand alone with much of its interpretation based on house placement. heres why,


Transiting JUPITER Aspect in Natal MIDHEAVEN

Transit Last for About 1 Week for example Entering Jan 3, Exact Jan 8 , Leaving Jan 12. In Square Aspect to Midheaven, You now feel the urge to get ahead in life, particularly in the areas of work and social status.  The path to professional success may not be smooth, however, as you may go over the top in your efforts to climb the social or professional ladder.  You may feel like you having some difficulty juggling home and work commitments and a few decisions are required.   If this Aspect show in your Progress chart . The Secondary progressions  track the movement of your natal planets at a slower pace 1 day is equal to 1 year, reflecting long-term developments in your life. 👉 Here is the meaning  👉  In Trine , 👉  Sextile  , 👉  Conjunction  , 👉  Semisquare TRANSITING JUPITER TRINE PROGRESSED MIDHEAVEN In Trine Aspect, Doors are opening in your professional and social circles.  It is a good time for expanding your professional goals and making the most of any opportunities in th

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