MARS IN 3RD HOUSE Of your Yearly Solar Return Chart

 During the coming Solar return year, 
You have the ability to speak with great urgency and can motivate others to respond to problems and solutions as you see them. 

Your speech may not be elegant and memorable quotes are unlikely, but your main goal is to incite others to action. 

You are assertive, direct, and to the point. In the assessment of any situation or dilemma, you are able to cut to the heart of the matter and concisely state the issues. 

If you must mediate a dispute, you will not pussyfoot around sensitive topics. 

Your mind is sharp, and you will call a spade a spade. Your insights lead to action, and your negotiation tactics will not include placation or appeasement.

Ideas move quickly through your head, and therefore this is an excellent time for learning.  A high level of energy and enthusiasm can permeate your studies, and you can grasp central concepts with ease. 

But, if you allow your mind to wander mind to wander aimlessly and scatter your thoughts superficially through many topics, knowledge will be based only on half-truths. 

There is a tendency to scratch the surface only and not follow through. Impulsive decisions based on incomplete information are possible if you do not wait patiently for all the facts to be made available to you. 

You can jump to conclusions and respond without thinking, especially if you are angry or unconsciously motivated. Mars in the 3rd House of Solar return chart is not generally associated with accurate thought processes, but more likely rapid thoughts, and unfortunately accuracy can be sacrificed for speed. But in MARS in Synastry or Composite Chart, It can also indicate how the couple deals with conflict and challenges. 👉 See For Example, MARS - CHIRON Synastry/Composite in CONJUNCTION Aspect..

You might tend to lose your temper or have a mindset that refuses to compromise when locked in a conflict. In rare instances, a sibling plays a role in the conflict either directly or indirectly.
During the Solar Return year
Your more forceful speech patterns can lead to arguments with others, especially if you are angry over past events or presently involved in a continuing dispute. Here are more example case study on how to intererpret your Solar Return Year. 

Excessive anger or lengthy conflicts will color your perceptions and allow your offensive or defensive attitudes to spill over into everyday situations. Your remarks can be very cutting. Both in and out of the conflict, you tend to overstate your position and can alienate others if you are not mindful of what you say and how you say it. 

If anger truly motivates your responses, it is unlikely that you will enlist anyone’s help; you are more likely to offend. It’s true, you are good at fighting this year, and you may be involved in a situation that demands self-defense. 

If you must defend yourself verbally, your words can be well-placed and insightful. You have the ability to be verbally cruel, and you clearly see your opponent’s Achilles heel. Even if you are all bark and no bite, the bark will still be impressive. If you are not angry, but find that others are extremely nasty to you and tend to make many hurtful comments, reassess your own statements. 

They may be more damaging than you realize. For the most positive manifestation, focus on either physical or psychological self-defense. Study one of the martial arts or take a course in assertiveness. Become involved with community activism. Do not allow your voice to be simply heard, make it count.


 You will tend to take the direct approach while Mars transits your third house. 

This is very effective for dealing with situations that require courage and strength, but usually disastrous for situations requiring diplomacy (unless there is a Libra influence to your third house). That’s okay; there will be other times to charm people. 

Now is the time for clearing the air, telling it like it is, and setting the record straight. Mars and the third house both have some connection with automobiles; keep your temper in check and your road rage under control while Mars is transiting your third house! Siblings and neighbors are also found in the third house, so settle differences with them—but be careful about saying things that can’t be taken back.
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Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS


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