VENUS IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of Solar return Astrology Chart

Relationships will tend to be more intense and complicated during the year. 

Psychological forces will play a strong role in your feelings of attraction to, and repulsion from, others. You will have a tendency to be unconsciously drawn to certain individuals, perhaps for reasons you find difficult to understand.


One relationship, in particular, may be especially compelling, and you can react impulsively rather than respond rationally to this person. A relationship of this intensity has trans-forming qualities. It enables you to see yourself, others, and relationships in a new way by making everyone's fears, insecurities, and complexes more obvious. Psychological complexes are impediments to greater intimacy. They must be recognized and dealt with effectively before love can mature. This is an excellent time for joint counseling since the focus for the year will be on understanding how psychological forces play a role in your relation-ships. 

Negatively, your relationships, or one in particular, may be a power struggle over money or sex.

 Regardless of whether this is a love relationship, a business relationship, or a relationship built on animosity, control issues will be important. Either one or both of you may use fear, intimida-tion, jealousy, or manipulation in an attempt to gain money, sex, or power over the other. The use of psychological tactics within the relationship complicates and weakens the negotiation process, making discussion and compromise difficult, if not impossible. Daily struggles, lacking any foreseeable resolution, can leave you weak, drained, and feeling more controlled than in control. 

When Venus is in the 8th house, you may receive money from sources other than your own earning power.

 If you split funds and expenses with someone else, you can benefit through your partner's pay raise or financial windfall Your available funds increase through another person's efforts. If you are dependent upon someone for financial support, you may request and/or receive an increased amount of money. Funds can also come to you through an inheritance, insurance claims settlement, legal action, or joint financial venture. 


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