VENUS IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

Relationships will tend to be more intense and complicated during the year.  


Psychological forces will play a strong role in your feelings of attraction to, and repulsion from, others. You will have a tendency to be unconsciously drawn to certain individuals, perhaps for reasons you find difficult to understand.

One relationship, in particular, may be especially compelling, and you can react impulsively rather than respond rationally to this person. 

A relationship of this intensity has trans-forming qualities.

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SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 

From year to year, the Sun passes through the Solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example..

the Sun in the 1st house in this year's solar return will probably move up to the 10th house next year, assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude. Read More..

The Answer may be Written in the star

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