VENUS square or opposite Pluto in your Yearly Horoscope

Venus square or opposite Pluto in the solar return chart indicates intense emotional involvements and complicated financial situations that can ignite disagreements and conflicts.

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These can arise when starting a new relationship, leaving an old relationship, or simply going through a period of transition. 

New relationships can be especially compelling, and like the moth to the flame, you redrawn to particular individuals without understanding why. Unconscious forces play a major role in this type of infatuation which may or may not be healthy. 

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Sometimes the attraction mimics a former positive or negative involvement. You may discover that you have met your soulmate or that he or she is your nemesis. 

There is no guarantee of emotional bliss though it is certainly possible. The perceived loss of control and diminished rationality is disconcerting. Regardless of what you think or plan, you can end up reacting to situations in a spontaneous and revealing manner. Your usual psychological defenses don't seem to work, while all your unconscious complexes are laid bare for the world to see. Consequently, a persistent sense of vulnerability becomes coupled with your growing need for intimacy in a love match. If the relationship is not a love match but a contentious relationship, a persistent sense of vulnerability prompts your in-creasing need for control within a power struggle. 

On the other hand, you may be struggling to leave a difficult relationship. In this situation, money, or the withholding of funds or assets is frequently a weapon used by one or both parties. The end of a long-term relationship frequently involves financial support issues. Some couples are able to come to a fair agreement regarding the division of assets; others are not When conflicts erupt, you may decide to walk away with nothing, hire a lawyer to secure your share of joint property, or be sued for what you have worked hard to accumulate. When a marriage or along-term relationship is dissolved, dismantling the physical, emotional, and financial entanglements can be a complex, wrenching, and lengthy process. Pluto is the planet that rules power, and in the worst manifestations, difficult power struggles are possible. 

If you are in the third situation, presently in an existing relationship that has challenges, you and your partner must negotiate a new understanding of your relationship. This mayor may not be easy. Resistance is possible. Perhaps power is shifting because of illness, pregnancy, school, employment, or relocation. External pressure might be stressing one or both individuals. Roles might be changing and someone needs to take on new responsibilities, willingly or not. If there are problems, they must be addressed if the relationship is to survive and thrive. If a consensus cannot be reached, counsel-ing is advised for the health of the relationship and the health of the individuals. 

In both new and old relationships, Venus square or opposite Pluto can indicate considerable emotional growth, but not without a good understanding of the unconscious urges and psychological games that are impediments to intimacy. 

Plutonian tactics distort reality and destroy trust. They include, but are not limited to, manipulation, possessiveness, obsessive thinking, sexual preferences, compulsive behaviors, and controlling attitudes. Situational barriers include involvement with married, gay or bisexual partners, those liv-ing in a different locality, or those who realistically cannot be fully present or involved for one reason or another. These factors represent preexisting impediments to intimacy that were probably known or suspected before the relationship even began. 

Power can be an issue in intimate, casual, familial, and professional relationships. Individuals who learn to compromise and share power see their relationships deepen and strengthen, but this is not always possible. Major power struggles are not uncommon. You can feel powerless to control your own destiny if your fate is dependent on the whims of others. Attempting to control those who have some hold over you might seem like a viable option. Its not. Within this struggle, manipulative techniques are the main weapons; sex, money, and power become the main issues. You can start to re-gain control over your life by making wise choices rather than gut-level reactions. 
Financially, Venus square or opposite Pluto indicates strong financial changes or complex mon-etary arrangements. Salary changes are common, and may be the result of a career move, relocation, leave without pay, cutback in hours, or retirement. 

Your salary may rise if your earnings are based on commissions or profit-sharing, but your tactics might be questionable. Maybe you have to spend money to make money. Relationship problems can directly affect your ability to concentrate and work. Your financial status may depend on the resources of others who may or may not be generous. Struggles over money or finances are seen with these aspects. Plan to be fiscally conservative. You might need to handle unexpected costs. 
As with all Pluto-Venus aspects, the emphasis is on personal power in relationships and power over your own financial situation. By gaining insight into your behavior and the behavior of others, you can master both areas of concern. 

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