In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  SATURN  in the Sky are Very related to your Natal SUN in Trine aspect 

You are purposeful and hardworking during this transit. 

You are capable of achieving your goals, and may receive recognition or promotion as others notice your efforts. 

Activities which may have seemed onerous in the past can now be tackled with patience and fortitude. It is a good period for making progress.



This can be a productive, character-building transit, but rarely a cheerful one. You will generally feel as though you’re carrying the weight of Saturn itself on your shoulders. 

Further, you will feel you’re not getting credit for all this heavy lifting; on the contrary, others may accuse you of being a killjoy. It’s tempting to say that the trine or sextile from Saturn to the natal Sun is not so bad, but really, those transits don’t feel all that wonderful, either. 

If you’re looking for a good transit for tackling projects that require confidence and popularity, this is not one of them. 

So what are Saturn/Sun transits good for? 

They’re unsurpassed for building strength and endurance and for proving to yourself that you can stick it out when times get tough. Through these transits, you’ll develop strength and character that lasts because it has been truly earned. So show up, put your behind in the seat, keep your head down, and do your work.

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This Calendar is Base on Transit to Transit aspect in the Sky or in other word, they are not related to any particular Birth Chart.

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Also note RADIX Mean The radical map: the horoscope of birth, the root from which everything is judged.  

The radical or birth positions of the planets, Vs current position of the planet, 

also known as TRANSIT to Radix. or secondary progression. or, in other words, they are very related to  particular birth chart.

These Transit of  SATURN TRINE NATAL SUN    Has written in the star to apply  transits to Natal Aspect in the Sky or in other word, The Current Transit of Planet in the Sky are Very related Depend on each Individual natal chart. Also read Transiting Neptune Sequisquare Natal Ascendant

And Also note When using these interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

However, this may still be an accurate reflection of what is happening to the individual whose transits are being interpreted, as people do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in their lives. 

It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. 

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2023 begins with Ceres in Libra  Which brings relationships, cooperation, and compromise into sharp focus as you seek balance, harmony, peace, and personal happiness.  Center on fairness, equality, truth, and a “give and take” mentality so that a positive, long-lasting relationship has room to develop and grow. - February 3 2023 –  Ceres turns retrograde at 6 Libra 58 .