Transiting MARS Aspect in Natal MIDHEAVEN

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky - Semisquare or Square

EXPECTED MAJOR ACTION PLAN: Taking action according to personal dictates. The inclination to act, to impose one's ego needs on a situation.

Venus Conjunct Neptune in your Yearly Horoscope

If you are already involved in a stable emotional relationship, Venus conjunct to Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, in Solar Return 

May be more relevant to financial concerns than romantic interests.. 

Financial circumstances will exhibit a degree of uncertainty, but only rarely is a person un-employed for part of the year and not sure where the next dollar is coming from. 

Transiting URANUS Aspect in Natal VENUS

In Transit to Natal Aspect in the Sky

In Conjuction Aspect,

Unusual and exciting relationships may start 

 Relationships are completely unpredictable during this period. 
Unusual and exciting relationships may start or old and stale relationships may end. While this will obviously affect your most intimate relationship, all relationships will be affected. Either way you will feel a sudden urge to completely change your relationships. 

MARS RETROGRADE in your yearly Solar return chart

When Mars is retrograde in the solar return chart, the individual must work with the process of self-motivation.
This is a good time to work on a long-term project, especially one involving the need to repeatedly push yourself toward achievement.  

You are the motivating force. No one else can get you to move. 

It is very unlikely that you will be motivated by others since personal goals will seem more important than the conflicting goals of others. If you can-not motivate yourself or direct your energy in a useful manner, you will feel listless and tired. 

How the ARIES manipulates all the 12 Zodiac Sign

 The signs of the zodiac begin with Aries. This is one of the spring zodiacal signs. Persons born under the sign of Aries are characterised as being determined and purposeful in putting their ideas into practice. 

They are very good both at expressing themselves and at self realisation. Their strong features are strength of personality and character. 


They bubble with a zest for action. 

Transiting URANUS Square Natal URANUS

Transit to Natal Aspect in the Sky 

This transit occurs around the age of  34, and again in your late 40s.

During these times you face areas in your life that have fallen into ruts, realising that what was once comforting no longer offers true support.


When the solar return Ascendant is in Sagittarius, 

Philosophy, religion, and personal beliefs guide your decisions and choices. Though you appear light-hearted and fun-loving, you live life according to principles and truth as you perceive it. You thirst for knowledge and have a keen interest in other cultures and belief systems; hence you love to travel.

Unfortunately, you are not diplomatic. You can be very blunt. You suffer from foot in mouth disease which alienates others. If young or impressionable, you might compromise your principles. 

MERCURY IN FIRST HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

 Mercury in the 1st house of Solar Return chart can show that your mind is very focused on self-interest. 
You will concentrate on your own needs, develop your own ideas and opinions, and/or make your own personal decisions.  


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