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Transit of URANUS in 11th House of Friendship

 Im a sucker for a fish-out-of-water story. Television shows such as Northern Exposure or Doc Martin, which feature big-city protagonists dealing with the vagaries of rural life, are among my favorites.  Its fun to watch someone come into a completely unfamiliar situation, where everyone else has al-ready formed community bonds, and watch them interact with one another. The situation can be somewhat less entertaining in real life, however.  Uranus in 11th House transit might find you a bit out of water yourself, The long term transit that last for 7 years

Transit of URANUS in 12th House of Secret

 Uranus spends a long time in each house of your chart, (long term transit that last for 7 years) and 1 can tell you this: He is not about to spend those years in your twelfth house sitting in quiet contemplation.  He's even more restless than Mercury and stays so much longer. Within weeks of moving in, hell have rewired the place and set up a huge sound system.  He'll be inviting people over constantly, and frankly, most of them are a bit weird.  FREE BIRTH CHART READING :    By Reddit Community 👉  r/astrosignature  or by email: 👉  it's your choice And get the answer you need 100% free within 24 hours .. Always hyped up on caffeine or other stimu-lants, Uranus doesn't get a lot of sleep and sees to it that you don't, either. Seven years on average is a long time to live with a loud, weird, hyper roommate hanging out in your unconscious. 

Your True ZODIAC Sign According to Diurnal and Nocturnal Chart type

Sometimes people don't feel like their zodiac sign, but ever wonder why? When we first think of astrology we usually tend to look up horoscopes for our Sun Sign, but there’s actually a whole chart that makes up who we are. Depending on what we’re looking for, oftentimes our Moon Sign matters more, sometimes it’s our Venus if we’re looking for answers for love and if we’re trying to figure out how we communicate it might be Mercury.

The HARMONIC pattern For ROCK Musician

  Harmonic astrology is a part of Advance Astrology that delves deeper into the relationships between planets and points in your birth chart by using harmonics. It goes beyond the traditional aspects like conjunctions, squares, and trines, which are based on dividing the zodiac circle by 2, 3, or multiples of them..

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