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Transiting PLUTO, Finding Wisdom in Darkness

Pluto is considered the key to discovering the different phases of our lives as the planet responsible for regeneration and new beginnings. The influence of Pluto determines when a drastic change is about to come and in what manner it will change our lives.  A person’s natal chart can easily point to the times in their life when they will face new beginnings and have to leave the past behind.

Transit of URANUS in 4th house of Home and Family

You may not realize it, especially if you still have parents, but the person in the world you most rely on is you—that is, the person you are when you're completely alone. That's the one person who is always there, looking back at you from the mirror when you brush your teeth. That's the only person in the world who knows all of your secrets. 

Transiting MARS Conjunct or Semisquare Natal MARS

Transit to Natal Aspect in the Sky  In Semisquare Aspect, Last for about 3 days for Example ( Entering Feb 24 , Exact Feb 26 , Leaving Feb 27 ) Strong survival instincts. 

The key to understanding each house in Astrology ( Personal and Transpersonal Planet )

The key to understanding each house is understanding its respective planet.  For instance, having Mercury in the fifth house means that you are athletic, curious, have a taste for intellectual games, and love children.  The Personal and Transpesonal Planet in Astrology Chart The Sun (personal planet): 

Transit of URANUS in 5th House of Children and Creativity

This Uranus transit in 5th House begins with dissatisfaction.  The Long term transit that last for about 7 years Your life lacks creative opportunities or love; your heart has been sleeping, but it will awaken as Uranus inches its way through your fifth house.  Uranus's influence is not subtle, and it delights in the element of surprise. Love affairs, creative opportunities, sometimes even children appear and shake you awake. Occasionally, their impact on your life will be as inconvenient as it is thrilling.  Loading… If you have spent years toiling in a creative field, this could be the transit that brings an important breakthrough—but at first, it may seem more like a breakdown! 

Transit of URANUS in 6th House of Health

Has your life been getting a bit stale?  Working at the same place year after year, living in the same house, socializing with the same friends, having the same arguments with your partner?  Once transiting Uranus enters your sixth house, that's all over.  The Longterm transit that last for about 7 years.. You'll find yourself doing things you never dreamed you'd do.  Maybe your health routine needs shaking up; Uranus can do that. Your work might be boring you; Uranus flat-out refuses to be bored, so he'll see to it that you're not. When Uranus makes his long transit of your sixth house, your daily life as you know it needs to change. And if you won't do it yourself, Uranus will be more than willing to do it himself. But you might not like his methods. 

The HARMONIC pattern For ROCK Musician

  Harmonic astrology is a part of Advance Astrology that delves deeper into the relationships between planets and points in your birth chart by using harmonics. It goes beyond the traditional aspects like conjunctions, squares, and trines, which are based on dividing the zodiac circle by 2, 3, or multiples of them..

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