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Astrology and Dream Interpretation - Symbol that Future Related Indicator

The Important Element to Look A to Z of Dream, the simple-to-understand astrology of dreams, or a way of interpreting using your astrological element.

Transiting NORTH NODE Aspecting to Natal ASCENDANT

TRANSITING NORTH NODE SEMISQUARE NATAL ASCENDANT Semisquare Aspect last for about a Month for example, Entering Sep 4 , Exact Sep 22 , Leaving Oct 10. Difficult gatherings.  Cooperation for purposes of work.  Discomfort in relationships.  Temporary associations

Transiting NORTH NODE Aspecting to NATAL SUN - Transit to Natal

 TRANSITING NORTH NODE SEXTILE PROGRESSED SUN  Transit Aspect Last for About 1 month for example, Entering Mar 15, Exact Apr 2 , Leaving Apr 20.