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Transiting NORTH NODE Aspecting to Natal ASCENDANT

TRANSITING NORTH NODE  SEMISQUARE   NATAL ASCENDANT Semisquare Aspect last for about a Month for example, Entering Sep 4 , Exact Sep 22 , Leaving Oct 10. Difficult gatherings.  Cooperation for purposes of work.  Discomfort in relationships.  Temporary associations

Transiting NORTH NODE Aspecting to NATAL SUN - Transit to Natal

Transit to Natal of North Node In Sextile Aspect to Sun, Transit Aspect Last for About 1 month for example, Entering Mar 15, Exact Apr 2 , Leaving Apr 20. Personal involvement in relationships.  Physical activity with others.  Shared leadership.  Connections with authority figures.

What brought Couple Together to get Married, Synastry or Composite?

 Is Because of Zodiac Sign Compatibility?  Conjuction, Trine and Sextile, Between the Chart? What I found is that the COMPOSITE CHART Dominated in Importance of what brought Couple To get Married. When it comes to marriage, both synastry and composite charts can be helpful in understanding what brought the couple together and what their relationship has the potential to be. However, the COMPOSITE CHART is often more informative in this regard, as it provides a more holistic view of the relationship. Here are some specific ways in which synastry and composite charts can be used to understand marriage:

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