Astrological Transit of VENUS in 5th House

The world does not always look upon us fondly and with benign indulgence when we decide to strut our stuff. That’s the tricky part of fifth house transits, which can be so much fun as long as you don’t care what people think of your creations or your idea of merriment and play. 

This is a fairly quick Venus transit last for about a Month, so it may not bring the love of your life to you, but it will likely provide appreciation for your fun-loving side, creative efforts, or children. 

NEPTUNE Sextile or Trine MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

NEPTUNE Sextile or Trine MERCURY in Solar Return suggests that you are inspired by compassion, creativity, and spirituality. 

You are comfortable with a more enlightened inter-action with others and the environment. Your sensitivity to subtle emotional connections among all people increases your concern for certain individuals in particular and humanity as a whole. 


Solar Return chart MOON-MERCURY Aspect

Moon-Mercury aspects in Solar return chart,
Emphasize the need for integration of unconscious feelings with conscious thoughts.
If these two avenues for information and analysis are working together, they form a great combination.

You can actively seek out more information about your feelings and motivations through discussions, joumaling, and meditation. The integrated psyche is a powerful tool for intellectual and creative endeavors. It is also very therapeutic. 

Astrological transit of VENUS in 3rd House of Perception and Communication

If you wish to persuade or charm someone, transit of venus in 3rd house is very good for it. 
  • Transit of venus in 3rd house last for about 1 month

SATURN Conjunct MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

Mercury conjunct Saturn in the solar return chart suggests a serious and structured approach to life issues and problems. 

There is almost a mandate to be realistic about situations while taking full responsibility for solving problems. More than likely, the buck stops here. 

Astrological Transit of VENUS in 2nd House of What is your

Venus represents what we enjoy and is also associated with money and property, so it’s right at home in the second house. 

Transit of Venus in 2nd house last for about a month,

MERCURY Conjunct URANUS in your Yearly Horoscope

Mercury conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart 

suggests that you are open to new ideas which may take the form of information you are learning, concepts you are developing yourself, or inspiration you are receiving intuitively. 

Some revelations and previously undisclosed information may be shocking. The conjunction can be a sign of great creativity leading to a year of achievement, or a sign of great nervousness and an inability to concentrate. 

This is a time of high mental energy which must be channeled productively. 

What calms the mind is focusing on a major, com-plex, demanding project or course of study. You can push for genius status and succeed, or fail because of repeated distractions and mental derailment.

Astrological Transit of VENUS in First House of Self

Venus represents what we enjoy and is also associated with money and property. 

When Venus transits the first house, beautify and enjoy yourself

Transit will last for About a Month, During this month, indulge in some pampering. Take special

Transit of JUPITER in the 7th house of Marriage

People get excited when they see this transit coming, especially if they are single and un-happy about it. 

When the luckiest planet in the solar system enters the house of relationships, The 7th House 

It can only mean good things—right? Yes, but it may not mean exactly what you expect it to mean. 

Transiting JUPITER Semisquare NORTH NODE

  • This Semisquare aspect will last for Almost 1 month
Relationships with other people are a source of frustration. 

MARS SEXTILE or TRINE NEPTUNE in your Yearly Horoscope

 When Mars is sextile or trine to Neptune in Solar Return, 

Motivations may not be clear, but that does not limit your ability to succeed. What might appear to be uncertain or confused to others, could be understandable to you. You are okay with not knowing all the details. 

For those who are spiritually minded, this Solar Return year can be a test of trust and perhaps your actions reflect an act of faith. 

You know deep down that you are to proceed even if you cannot explain your motivation or plan. The prompting comes from an esoteric, poorly defined source.


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