MARS SEXTILE or TRINE NEPTUNE in your Yearly Horoscope

 When Mars is sextile or trine to Neptune in Solar Return, 

Motivations may not be clear, but that does not limit your ability to succeed. What might appear to be uncertain or confused to others, could be understandable to you. You are okay with not knowing all the details. 

For those who are spiritually minded, this Solar Return year can be a test of trust and perhaps your actions reflect an act of faith. 

You know deep down that you are to proceed even if you cannot explain your motivation or plan. The prompting comes from an esoteric, poorly defined source.

Running on faith and intuition can pay off despite the uncertainty. It is left up to you to keep moving putting one foot in front of the other without any guarantee or fixed plan. You must ad-lib as you go along. In your mind, any uncertainty is manageable and understandable even if others don't comprehend. 

Confusion follows uncertainty. You may not know how to do what you are doing, but that does not stop you. If you are establishing a new business, you may be making it up as you go along. Fake it till you make it can work for you. Those who are on the cutting edge don't always have a roadmap. This shot in the dark process can be successful, but you must remain flexible and take corrective action as you move forward. Conditions are evolving so be vigilant as you analyze and adjust to changing circumstances. 

Beyond issues of uncertainty and confusion is the possibility of aimlessness. Laziness is sometimes associated with sextile and trine aspects

  • MARS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE ,  there is no guarantee that you know what you are doing, or that you understand the ramifications of your actions....

If you do not maintain some sense of focus, you might while away the hours in front of the television or computer and accomplish nothing. Neptune rules dreams, as in a vision or goal, or dreams as in a fog that lulls you into complacency and inaction. 

Sensitivity and higher spiritual principles such as compassion and service to others are also ruled by Neptune. If you are affected by the plight and needs of others, you will be called to respond to life in a more caring way. You can feel accountable not only for what you do, but also for what you do not do. For this reason, you contribute to charities or volunteer to work for charitable organizations. You want your actions to have meaning and purpose, and you believe you can make a difference. Service gives you a positive outlet for sympathetic emotions. A sense of fulfillment comes from unselfish actions. 

Neptune rules service, spirituality, artistry, and creativity, as well as addictions. You can either live at a higher than normal level of functionality, or you can live at a lower than normal level of functionality. The highest manifestations of Neptunian behavior are the result of sensitivity and inspiration. Great inventions, artistry, spiritual growth, and acts of kindness are possible during the Solar Return year. Quiet reflection on your past actions and contemplation of future actions can foster insight that continually renews your sense of purpose. 

You may keep a few secrets this Solar Return year though you run the risk of discovery. 

Neptune aspects do not guarantee privacy. Your secrets are not necessarily bad, though they may be upsetting to someone you are close to. You might keep a secret to protect yourself from disapproval, or to protect the feelings of another. A good reason for secrecy is that you need to develop a major project quietly. It is in your best interest to finalize your invention and seek a patent before disclosing your intentions or activities. 

The beauty of Mars sextile or trine Neptune in Solar Return is the ability to function productively despite a degree of uncertainty. If you proceed on intuition and faith, you can dream big and realize your dreams. Carefully consider your purposes and actions. Be ready with alternate plans and flexible options. Keep moving; keep believing. If you work from a place of inspiration, you and others will benefit from good intentions and good will in addition to successful results. 

Mars sextile or trine to Neptune in Solar return can also relate to everyday events. Careful planning is generally not feasible, but you can attract the resources and assistance you need to succeed. Follow your intuition and the string of opportunities as they arise. In Transit to natal of Neptune Opposition  Natal MERCURYDuring this time you may feel that you are being misunderstood by other people and that no matter what you say it is interpreted wrongly. Learn more about Transiting Neptune

Planet in Solar Return Aspecting in NEPTUNE
Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS

Astrologers use the term "MARS SEXTILE or TRINE NEPTUNE" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.

Therefore Progress In Yearly Solar Return are likely to show us signposts in life's journey and consequently help us gain wisdom and understanding. 

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