SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER in your Yearly Solar Return Chart

 The major task associated with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in the solar return chart is an expansion of the personality into new areas of self-expression, experience, and expertise. 

Opportunities arise that persuade you to be more open and receptive to previously untried encounters. The expansion should be consistent with the individual's philosophical beliefs, spiritual goals, and career aspirations. 

When the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in Solar Return, they generally fall in the same solar return house. 
The Sun’s position shows the most important area of concern during the year. Jupiter magnifies that emphasis, and the house position of these two planets is highly significant in the solar return interpretation. Maximum growth and development should be associated with their placement. 

The main danger noted with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Solar Return is a tendency toward excessive behavior and a refusal to curb personal needs and desires in consideration of others. Excessive behavior can be associated with workaholic tendencies, spending practices, diet, health habits, or any other activity. Your over-the-top activities can overwhelm partners, family members, co-workers, and friends who have their own preferences. 

The greatest benefit associated with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Solar Return does not come from pushing and forcing matters, but from working with options and openings as they arise. Beneficial opportunities are associated with Jupiter; however, there is no guarantee of a positive return. Augment the potential by believing in yourself and taking risks to manifest the best results.


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