SUN SQUARE or OPPOSITE NEPTUNE In Yearly Solar Return Chart

  While the Sun is square or opposite Neptune in Solar Return, you may be growing more sensitive and evolved, but those around you may be becoming more evasive and secretive. 
There is something unknown or uncertain at this time. 

Because this Solar Return Sun-Neptune aspect is either a square or an opposition, external influences are a factor, and the dispositions of others are likely involved. 
You may be less certain of your relationships, children, or parents, and whether or not others can function effectively on their own for one reason or another. Situations you are involved in now, and future personal and professional prospects seem clouded. The answers might lie with your intuition, but if it is underdeveloped, you are left overwhelmed and wondering. Sensitivity is meant to facilitate spiritual development, compassion, and forgiveness in all situations, but you must still deal with reality in a straight forward manner as best you can. 
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The more positive manifestations include growing less concerned with selfish interests and more involved with helping those in need. An emotional and intellectual connection is made to the plight of those less fortunate. This leads to greater concern for others and a better understanding of how we are all related. Increased sensitivity also results in newfound intuitive abilities which foster wisdom and augment decision-making power. Solutions to problems can arise spontaneously, and the native is more apt to avoid pitfalls. 

Some individuals will be confronted with their own human frailty or that of someone close. Sensitivity leads to stress on an emotional level, and sometimes on the physical level in the form of allergies. Being less egotistical can result in an unstructured personality which seems to lack control, certainty, and direction. The individual can be confused and forgetful on a daily mundane basis, or uncertain regarding future goals. The most negative manifestations lead to escapism through alcohol, drug abuse, martyrdom, codependency, and savior-victim type relationships for you or someone you care about. In most of these cases, there is a history of escapism, abuse, and dysfunction established long before Neptune begins to transit the Sun, but situations can deteriorate further during this solar return year. Trying to heal someone who does not want to be healed will be challenging. The desire has to come from the addicted or wounded individual first and foremost. 

It is important to keep in mind that the increased sensitivity experienced has a higher purpose and is meant to improve life for you and for others. This can be a time of spiritual protection, guidance, and growth. Creative impulses can lead to artistic heights and original ideas. Those who seek to serve can be at their most effective and productive. Do not underestimate the power of insight to touch lives. You can do something positive with the sensitivity you are experiencing.

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