SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in Yearl Solar Return Chart

 The Sun conjunct Neptune In Solar return, indicates the native is growing more sensitive on a number of levels and this can have both positive and negative ramifications. 
Sensitivity is meant to facilitate spiritual development, not confusion and escapism. 

Insights and a sense of connection to others can foster compassion and forgiveness; however, some individuals will find the increased sensitivity overwhelming. Facts are not known and truth is not revealed, only alluded to, and uncertainty regarding the present and/or the future is common. 

The most positive manifestations that result from the Sun conjunct Neptune in the solar return include growing less concerned with selfish interests and more involved with helping those in need. An emotional and intellectual connection is made to the plight of others. 
This leads to a better understanding of relationships and how we are all connected. The increased sensitivity also results in newfound intuitive abilities. Much is perceived without words, pictures, or facts, and intuitive insights augment decision-making ability. Solutions to problems arise spontaneously, and the native is more apt to avoid pitfalls. 

Some individuals will equate sensitivity to vulnerability since they are likely to be confronted with their own human frailty or that of someone close. Sensitivity leads to stress on an emotional level and sometimes on the physical level in the form of physical allergies and unexplained maladies on both the emotional and mental levels. Being less egotistical can result in an unstructured personality which seems to lack control, certainty, and direction. The individual can be confused and forgetful on a daily mundane basis, or uncertain regarding future goals. The most negative manifestations lead to escapism through alcohol, drug abuse, martyrdom, codependency, and savior-victim type relationships. In most of these cases, there is a history of escapism, abuse, and dysfunction established long before Neptune begins to transit the Sun, but situations can deteriorate further during this solar return year. 

It is important to keep in mind that the increased sensitivity experienced has a higher purpose and is meant to improve life for you and for others. This can be a time of spiritual protection, guidance, and growth. Creative impulses can lead to artistic heights and original ideas. Those who seek to serve can be at their most effective and productive. Do not underestimate the power of insight to touch lives. You can do something positive with the sensitivity you are experiencing.

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