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SUN SEXTILE or TRINE NEPTUNE in your Yearly Solar Return

 The Sun sextile or trine Neptune in solar return indicates sensitive that is more enlightening and less stressful than other Sun-Neptune aspects.  Sensitivity is meant to facilitate spiritual development, compassion, and forgiveness.  This process can proceed gently for most; however, some individuals might find the increased sensitivity overwhelming and confusing. 

SUN SQUARE or OPPOSITE NEPTUNE In Yearly Solar Return Chart

  While the Sun is square or opposite Neptune in Solar Return , you may be growing more sensitive and evolved, but those around you may be becoming more evasive and secretive.  There is something unknown or uncertain at this time.  Because this Solar Return Sun-Neptune aspect is either a square or an opposition , external influences are a factor, and the dispositions of others are likely involved.  ( SUN Conjunt NEPTUNE ) - (  SUN Sextile, trine PLUTO  ) - (  SUN Squre PLUTO  ) - (  SUN Conjunct PLUTO Solar return  ) - (  CHIRON - SUN Transit  ) - (  SUN - SATURN Transit  ) - (  SUN - JUPITER  ) - (  SUN - MARS  ) 

SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in Yearl Solar Return Chart

 The Sun conjunct Neptune In Solar return , indicates the native is growing more sensitive on a number of levels and this can have both positive and negative ramifications.  Sensitivity is meant to facilitate spiritual development, not confusion and escapism. 

COMPOSITE CHART READING for Potential Partnership

 Potential Partnership with Success and High Achievement in Composite Chart. Composite Chart Vs Synastry Composite charts and synastry are two different approaches used in astrology to analyze and understand the dynamics of relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, or professional. Both methods involve comparing the birth charts of two individuals, but they focus on different aspects of the relationship.