This Month of TAURUS SEASON Monthly Horoscope. 

As of April 20 to May 20 2024

How People May Behave 

Because Taurus instills stability, people tend to avoid change. So, we need to keep in mind that there will be consequences if we do not change on our own volition.  

Transiting JUPITER Square Natal ASCENDANT - ( Transit and Progress chart )

If this aspect is showing up in your transit chart,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  JUPITER as you look up  in the Sky are Allign  to your Natal  ASCENDANT in Square or Semisquare   aspect.  On the whole you are feeling self-confident and are enjoying warm relations with other people during this period. However, you also find there are times when others are not as appreciative as they could be of your need for fun and enjoyment.  Slow down a little and let others adjust to the pace as it may be you who is a little over the top in the energy department If this Aspect show in your Progress chart . The Secondary progressions  track the movement of your natal planets at a slower pace 1 day is equal to 1 year, reflecting long-term developments in your life. It highlights the need to find a healthy balance between confidence and humility, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling self-image.. Mars is the planet of motivation.  Right now you may be experiencing a lack of motivatio

Solar Return chart URANUS - VENUS Aspect

Uranus-Venus  aspects in the your Solar return chart usually denote changes in relationships.  For some people, this can mean a sudden attraction and the excitement of a new love.  Involvements may be very strong, very quick, and may or may not have staying power.  New relationships might eventually lead to marriage, but probably not during this solar return year.  Uranus-Venus   aspects in the your  Solar return chart,    Loose associations are common.  Friends become lovers, and some love relationships seem more like friendships. Occasionally, relation-ships and attractions are less than conventional.  Affairs with married individuals, homosexual or bisexual partners, and long-distance romances are possible. A general mood of disruption may permeate all partnerships, whether old or new.  Difficult relationships may end or become on-again, off-again involvements, but for those in a healthy relationship, changes will occur within the relationship itself and do not indicate a break in

JUPITER IN 12TH HOUSE in Yearly Solar Return Chart

 Jupiter in the 12th house of Solar Return indicates the possibility of an overwhelming influence.  Many times it is the emotional nature which appears to overwhelm the individual, especially if he or she is already dealing with a difficult situation, but any area of life can be difficult to control.  The natal house which falls in the 12th house of the solar return chart may give you a clue.  JUPITER IN  : ( |  1ST   | ) , ( |  2ND   | ) , ( |  3RD   | ) , ( |  4TH   | ) , ( |  5TH  | ) ,  ( |  6TH   | ) , (  7TH   | ) , (  8TH   | ) , (  |  9TH   | ) , ( |  10TH   | ) , ( |  11TH   | ) ,  ( |  12TH   | )   HOUSE  SOLAR RETURN It sometimes occurs that one activity, person, or theme overshadows all other self-expression and sets the tone for the year.  The 12th house rules the unconscious, and perhaps Jupiter, the planet of growth, in this placement implies that the unconscious nature can grow out of proportion to the rest of the psyche.  In some instances, this might be a beneficial

JUPITER IN THE 7TH HOUSE in Yearly Solar Return

The best phrase to describe Jupiter in the 7th house    is, "Ask and you shall receive.  "Others naturally come to your aid, giving more assistance and support than you expected, or even thought you needed.  If you are in a difficult situation, others readily offer to help. This can occur without asking, but the possibilities become even stronger if you not only recognize and foster the help available to you, but also ask specifically for what you need. Somebody may be in the perfect position to actualize your goals, and partnerships of this nature enable you to accomplish together what you would not have attempted alone.  Help may be either tangible or intangible.  Under the best possible circumstances, you benefit directly or indirectly from others in more ways than one.   For example, if you are married, you benefit through your spouse since what he or she receives trickles down to you.  Individuals offer their insight into your problems or situation, and you progress thro

Transiting JUPITER Aspect in Natal MIDHEAVEN

Transit Last for About 1 Week for example Entering Jan 3, Exact Jan 8 , Leaving Jan 12. In Square Aspect to Midheaven, You now feel the urge to get ahead in life, particularly in the areas of work and social status.  The path to professional success may not be smooth, however, as you may go over the top in your efforts to climb the social or professional ladder.  You may feel like you having some difficulty juggling home and work commitments and a few decisions are required.   If this Aspect show in your Progress chart . The Secondary progressions  track the movement of your natal planets at a slower pace 1 day is equal to 1 year, reflecting long-term developments in your life. 👉 Here is the meaning  👉  In Trine , 👉  Sextile  , 👉  Conjunction  , 👉  Semisquare TRANSITING JUPITER TRINE PROGRESSED MIDHEAVEN In Trine Aspect, Doors are opening in your professional and social circles.  It is a good time for expanding your professional goals and making the most of any opportunities in th

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