Astrosignature of The Destiny and Decisions

 There is an element of the future that you cannot change; this is your destiny. But you also have choices and options available to you; these are your decisions. 

This ASTROSIGNATURE Chart predicts where the planets are in the current time period, when they will be forming aspects to your natal planets, what influences these aspects bring, and how long they will last--as far into the future as you wish to look. THIS is truly PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY!

Finding your true vocation/Career Path using Astrology Chart

 To find the ideal profession, you have to know yourself first. There are activities you are suited for according to your nature, and others you are not. Your ideal occupation should favor the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), satisfy your emotional needs (Moon) and permit the development of your intellect (Mercury)..

COMPOSITE CHART: Key to Marriage Compatibility 

Indication of  Potential Partnership with Success and High Achievement in Composite Chart.

The Progress Solar Return Year.

Every time your Solar Return Year comes around, Your Zodiac Sign is highlighted. That is also the reason we can make predictions using the Zodiac alone. 

This Solar return Year is also the right time or timing to start a new project or whatever you want to begin. Especially if you've thought of it right around your birthday or the beginning of your Solar Return Year, there's a promise that it will lead to success. 

Some people notice why love seems to blossom in February and job opportunities to flourish in October?.  Actually That's because of the Solar return. 

This Solar Return is very different compared to what you can see on popular sites. This report covers a three-year progression of the Solar Return.

Transiting NORTH NODE Aspecting to Natal NEPTUNE

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of   NORTH NODE   in the Sky are Very  related to your Natal URANUS in Square, Semisquare, Sextile,  Aspect The North Node represents your soul's purpose and direction in this lifetime. When it aspects Neptune, it suggests a time for connecting with your intuition, compassion, and creativity. The specific nature of the transit will depend on the aspect it forms with your natal Neptune. A Square aspect ( last for about a Month ) Contacts with those who see illusions.  Unrealistic expectations in relationships.  Disappointments and disillusionment. A Sextile Aspect Spiritual or artistic themes in relationships.  Sharing ideal settings and conditions.  Positive expectations. Good feelings. Additional factors to consider:  The specific house placements of your North Node and Neptune.  Any other transits happening at the same time.  Your personal life experiences and current challenges.. AGAIN, Pls Notice Tr

Transiting CHIRON Square or Sesquisquare Natal NEPTUNE

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  CHIRON  in the Sky are Very  related to your Natal NEPTUNE In Square or Sesquisquare Aspect It would easy to fall into victim mode during this transit, because the problems of the world and your own life seem too onerous. 

Transiting URANUS Aspect in Natal CHIRON

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  URANUS  in the Sky are Very  related to your Natal CHIRON  👉 In Trine , 👉 In Conjunction , 👉 Opposition Talents  that we are not even aware of them as talents  In  Sextile Aspect to Chiron ,   Now is the time to explore new territories sure in the knowledge that you have many gifts to share with the world during this Sextile aspect to  Chiron. You feel alive and sensitive to both your own and other people's needs and doors will open as a result.  It is likely that you will be given the chance to express your true talents, which may or may not coincide with your own beliefs about what your talents may be.  Sometimes our talents are so naturally a part of us, that we are not even aware of them as talents. Therefore during this time it is a good idea to keep an open mind to all possibilities. 

The HARMONIC pattern For ROCK Musician

  Harmonic astrology is a part of Advance Astrology that delves deeper into the relationships between planets and points in your birth chart by using harmonics. It goes beyond the traditional aspects like conjunctions, squares, and trines, which are based on dividing the zodiac circle by 2, 3, or multiples of them..

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