JUPITER IN FIRST HOUSE in your Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter in the 1st house of solar return chart  
Implies that personal needs and attributes are becoming increasingly important and future growth may depend on the recognition of these qualities..

MARS IN FIRST HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

When Mars in 1st house of Solar Return, This is a year when you seem to have more energy, 

Especially if you do your own thing and enjoy what you are doing. You can get an earlier start, last longer, and work harder. 

MARS IN THE 11TH HOUSE of Your Yearly Horoscope

Mars in the 11th house of Solar Return shows an intense desire for freedom of action and the aggressive pursuit of goals within the Year.
You will not allow or accept limitations on options. 

VENUS IN FIRST HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Venus in the 1st house  of Solar Return , is usually indicative of a gentle demeanor.  
You would not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings over transgressions that have occurred in the past, nor for intrusions occurring in the present. 

VENUS IN THE 11TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

An Venus in 11th house solar return  indicates
You are more likely to be involved in friend-ships and associations with a number of people rather than in-depth relationships with only a few individuals within this Year.

MOON SQUARE or OPPOSITE URANUS in your Yearly Horoscope

The most common activity associated with the Moon square or opposite Uranus in a solar return chart is moving from one home or office to another. 

Unfortunately, the move is not necessarily an easy one to make. It might require a lot of planning and troubleshooting that lasts for most of the year. 

  • MOON CONJUNCT URANUS  You may move, or help someone move in or out of your home such as a parent or grown child.

It can be stressful and disruptive for one reason or an-other. 

You may not want to move at all or be unhappy with the new location. Perhaps you must downsize to fit into the new household and disposing of unnecessary possessions is emotionally trying. 


When the solar return Ascendant is in Pisces

Emotions, intuition, creativity, and spirituality are all interconnected. You need to find a fulfilling outlet for your feelings through service, art, or mysticism. 

Transiting Neptune Sequisquare Natal Ascendant

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  NEPTUNE  in the Sky are Very related to your Natal Ascendant in Sequisquare aspect

EXPECTED IMAGINATION AND CONFUSION: Attempts to express the more creative and spiritual side of your nature are frustrated during this transit. 

MERCURY IN THE 11TH HOUSE of Solar return Chart

The 10th house of Solar return chart rules laws and standards established by society to govern groups of people. Because they were prepared for the masses, they may not fit all individual situations or meet individual needs. 

Transit of MERCURY in 11th House of Friendship

The house position of transiting Mercury tells you, above all, what’s on your mind. 

  • MERCURY IN : ( | 1ST  | ) , ( |  2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( | 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH | ) , ) , ( | 7TH  | ) ( | 8TH  | )  ( | 9TH  | ) , ( |  10TH  | ) , ( |  11TH | ) , ( | 12TH  | )  HOUSE

For the several weeks Mercury is transiting your eleventh house, your friendships and your future occupy your thoughts. Formulate a long-range plan for your life and your legacy.


 Get in touch with friends whom you haven’t spoken with in a while (if Mercury will be retrograde while in your eleventh house, these might be friends you haven’t spoken with in a very long time).

PLUTO IN FIRST HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

 Pluto in the 1st house of Solar return, indicates a strong desire for self-control and an emphasis on personal power issues during the coming year. 


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