URANUS IN FIRST HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope

Uranus in the 1st house of the solar return is usually indicative of strong and dramatic transitions. 

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in your Yearly Horoscope

Moon conjunct Jupiter in the solar return indicates a positive outlook on life. 

This can be a year of great happiness and contentment. You should be optimistic about the future and your potential for success. 

Use your talents and abilities to advance professionally and evolve spiritually. 

Your ability to express your feelings within a significant relationship is important to your own emotional growth, and also to the growth of the relationship. Jupiter symbolizes your ability to expand, and the Moon symbolizes your feeling nature. 

Transiting NEPTUNE Opposition in your Natal MERCURY

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  NEPTUNE  in the Sky are Very related to your Natal MERCURY in Opposition aspect

  • This Transit will last for About 1 month

During this time you may feel that you are being misunderstood by other people and that no matter what you say it is interpreted wrongly. 

MARS Conjunct MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

Mars conjunct  Mercury in Solar Return suggests a very energetic mind that is quick and alert though in need of a strong focus. 

The intent is either on import, acquiring knowledge, or on export, applying ideas to life issues and situations. You can be absorbed in a concentrated learning situation such as a degree program or creating a written masterpiece for publication. 

Learning can be very exciting and self-perpetuating even if you study alone. Working on a major project that is mentally taxing is a good way to channel the intensity of this conjunction into a positive venue. Without a goal or purpose that demands your attention, the mind may wan-der or become volatile and hypercritical. 

Transiting SATURN Conjunction Natal SATURN

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of SATURN  in the Sky are Very related to your Natal Saturn in Conjunction aspect

  •  transit will Last for about 3 Month

This transit is known in astrology as the "Saturn Return" and occurs approximately every 29 years. The planet Saturn has done a full cycle of your chart and returned to its natal position. 

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

The Moon conjunct Mercury in the solar return 

indicates the integration of unconscious feelings with conscious thoughts. 

When these two avenues for information and analysis are working together, they form a therapeutic and productive combination.

You will be able to understand the total picture from your rational assessment supported by your emotions and combined with intuitive insights. 

The integrated psyche is a powerful tool for intellectual and creative endeavors. When the conscious and unconscious are working together, you are more likely to make good decisions which satisfy your physical, emotional, and mental criteria. 

MOON SEXTILE or TRINE NEPTUNE in your Yearly Solar return Chart

Moon sextile or trine to Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, in the solar return chart can show increased sensitivity to life's subtleties. 

While Moon-Pluto aspects in Solar return

Show a greater insight into psychological influences, manipulative games, and a need for self-control, Moon sextile or trine to Neptune indicates a greater sensitivity to feelings and needs that are not expressed openly yet, bind us all. 

Transiting Neptune semisquare Natal Midheaven

In Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  or in other word, The Current Transit of Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, Semisquare in the Sky are Very related to your Natal Midheaven.

EXPECTED IMAGINATION AND CONFUSION: You want your life, in particular your career, to take a direction that reflects more of your true self,

WESTERN HEMISPHERIC EMPHASIS in your yearly Solar Return chart

Nine or all of the planets in the western part of the solar return chart signify that actions are not based on independent needs since you respond in combination with others.

 Even those with numerous placements in the 5th house push for self-expression while maintaining relationships. Those with placements in the 9th house reassess their beliefs according to their interactions with others and their ability to manifest spiritual concepts in daily situations. 

JUPITER Square or Opposite MERCURY in your yearly Horoscope

While Mercury-Saturn aspects are associated with pessimism, 
Mercury-Jupiter aspects in Solar Return are associated with optimism and confidence..
You may look forward to the future with great enthusiasm. But what you believe to be possible may differ from your actual experience.

Transiting JUPITER Square or Sequisquare Natal MERCURY

In Transit to Natal Aspect in the Sky

EXPECTED MAJOR LIFE THEME: Impulsive decisions or acting rashly

In Square Aspect,


When the solar return Ascendant is in Virgo, 

you understand the relationship between cause and effect, and see how things work "If I do this, then that will happen!" This gives you the ability to make practical, intelligent decisions, and break negative behavior patterns. 

You are methodical, analytical, and detail-oriented, but your striving for perfection can result in nervousness and anxety. 


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