MOON IN 6TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology chart

The essence of the Moon's nature is change and fluctuation. Its presence in the 6th house of the solar return can denote changes in working conditions and/or health and dietary habits. 

job changes are usually minor. The Moon is more closely associated with adjustments rather than major upsets. Some appropriate examples of these minor changes might be: you change departments or offices within your company without changing your job per se; you drop your full-time hours to become a part-time employee; if you are self-employed, you may hire an assistant to help you keep up with the demands of your growing business; or if new policies and procedures are instituted at your office, your daily job routine changes.

The adjustments that occur may or may not be within your control, and may or may not be beneficial. 

With the Moon in the 6th, you are more likely to make decisions that either directly or indirectly cause job changes. 

You can consciously decide to make the changes yourself, or make changes in other areas of your life which eventually cause repercussions in your job. As an example of this, you could decide to move out of the city. Since you will now live farther away from your office, you convert a room in your house to a home office and do more work at home. It is possible that changes occurring in your job are truly out of your controL Your company may merge with another, reor-ganizing the offices and moving you to another department. All changes tend to be minor, even those that are beyond your control. Except in rare instances, it is unlikely that you would quit your job or get fired during this year; however, job se-curity may be an issue. Even if the Moon is heavily aspected in the 6th house, it is more common to ex-perience daily routine changes that are complicated and stressful rather than major career transitions. 

There is a tendency to become more emotion-ally involved with co-workers when the Moon is in the 6th house. 

If you are in a helping profession and/or have daily contact with the public, you may become more involved with those you help. This interaction includes a greater sensitivity to the needs of others while on the job. Because of your dealings with the public and co-workers, you are more apt to develop a reputation. This reputation is dependent on the quality of your work and there-fore may be either good or bad. 

The Moon in the 6th also implies health changes. 

These changes are generally minor and can be caused by physical changes in the body or adjustments in health habits or diet. Body changes are usually the result of natural biological cycles and processes. Included here are those changes resulting from puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, physical fitness, and hormonal balance or imbalance. Weight gain or loss is also possible. It is likely that you will be more mindful of what you eat even if you are not eating well. The body is more sensitive to the way food and exercise (or the lack thereof) affects you. This is not a good time to go on a strict health regimen. It is a much better time to learn health from the inside out. Be aware of what foods and activities make you feel better and which ones actually hurt your health or drain your energy. Develop a health consciousness. This year conscious changes in health habits are more likely to be made because of greater awareness of how unconscious habits affect health. Make your changes gradually and incorporate them into your new lifestyle permanently. 

Any illnesses you might have during the year can relate to emotional habits you refuse to change. It is very easy for psychological problems to man-ifest as physical illnesses.
 A healthy diet is not enough. You must also have a healthy emotional life, which includes fulfilling emotional involve-ments and psychologically healthy environments. Relationships and work habits can affect your health, especially if you experience a lot of stress, frustration, or anger in these areas. Look at your most intimate relationships. Are these relation-ships assets or liabilities, fulfilling or draining? Even if you find these relationships debilitating, you have recourse. Counseling can help you im-prove your situation or meditation can help you cope with the stress. It is also important to evaluate your working conditions and the effect they might have on your health. You should be able to make changes here also. If you are aware of your health needs and take corrective action, you do not have to be sick. The more you ignore the situation, the more difficult it may become. See a psychological counselor or holistic health practitioner if you should feel the need. It is a good time to acquire good emotional habits. 


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