The Moon in the 11th house of Solar return chart suggests that you have a dream or goal you are working toward.
This goal should be personally fulfilling and rewarding, when and if completed. Major tasks started during this year, generally involve personal commitment to a project, idea, or belief. You should be your own motivator, and many times you will be working alone. 

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The goal need not necessarily be humanitarian or idealistic. Teenagers trying to pick a college or career can have this placement They gather the pertinent information and make choices according to their needs. 

You might have to work toward your goal despite much opposition and lack of assistance from family members. For example, a woman with the Moon in the 11th started her own cottage industry despite her husband's insecurity and messages of doom. Opposition to your goal can be a blessing in disguise if the tension increases your conviction and dedication to the task at hand. It can be a motivating force that pushes you onward. This is a good time to accomplish something that is truly your own. The Moon in the 11th implies personal goals. Therefore, it is very important that you reassess your present and future goals to deter-mine if they are truly the product of your own 

needs and desires. Do they have great personal value to you as an individual, and will they be emotionally fulfilling when completed? 

You may draw closer to friends during this time while becoming more detached from your family. This is especially true if family members object to your future goals or present situation. The Moon in the 11th suggests that you develop closer bonds in what are normally more detached relationships. Friends become family, and you are more apt to confide in them. They, in turn, are more likely to help you with your project than your own family. If you are at an age when peer groups are especially important, you will depend heavily on the opinions and support of friends. There could be a logical reason for this. For example, if you are selecting a college or job, other teenagers should know a lot about schools and work programs. Information acquired from other students or through the grapevine is most help-ful. In this case, dependency and close contact with friends are important to the task at hand. 

New patterns of closeness and indepen-dence evolve during the year, and some vacil-lation may occur in all relationships. The basic interpretation for the Moon does not blend easily with that of the 1 lth house. The Moon is emotional and dependency-oriented while the 1 Ith house is detached and independent The lack of common ground can suggest a freedom-closeness conflict. You may be at a critical time period for your emotional maturation when you are about to take a big step toward greater independence. You could be planning to go away to school, live on your own, become self-employed or self-supporting. As much as you welcome the move toward greater indepen-dence, you will also be anxious, hence the fre-quent revisions in your plans. 

Your sense of attachment to others will 

also fluctuate, and you may experience some 

relationship issues. You may not be able to depend on significant others in your life for one reason or another. They may not be depend-able or supportive, or you may not want their assistance. It is difficult to actively seek out nurturing situations while at the same time struggling to establish your independence. You can experience this freedom-closeness dilemma as relationship conflicts which seem to alternate between restriction and abandon-ment. Reassuring others of your love can ease these growing pains. Realize that if you appear unpredictable, others will feel threatened by your need for independence. Or this struggle might be completely reversed. You may be moving toward greater intimacy. If you have been on your own fora longtime and you are now romantically involved, you could fear giv-ing up your independence and committing to a permanent relationship. The dilemma is the same; only the situation is changed. 

This placement is associated with all kinds of groups, but group meetings and activities will tend to be emotionally charged. Positively, you might be very concerned with an injustice or cause. The emotional impact of the group's efforts is a motivating force. Negatively, con-flicts breakout among members. Emotional and psychological factors within the group tend to complicate gatherings. This is an excel-lent time to join a therapy or self-help group. The Moon suggests emotional attachments within a detached setting, and you can spend a lot of time discussing your problems with your friends or group members. Whatever the situation, the goal is to share feelings. The give and take needed in relationships this year works well within support group situations where camaraderie occurs in a somewhat detached setting. In this type of group setting, you are able to experience strong emotions without being weighed down by emotional responsibility, a good combination for the individual 
with a freedom-closeness dilemma. 

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