MOON IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Solar Return Year

The Moon in the 7th house of the solar return shows the probability of being involved in a nurturing relationship. 
  • Progress Moon in 7th House in Secondary progression, Partnerships are highlighted during this phase. If your Progressed Moon is in a Fire or Air sign then you are likely to want to expand your horizons through your relationships, seeking adventure and inspiration. learn more..
In Solar return Year, This relationship does not have to be an intimate one, though this is a possibility.

You may be caring for family members, or you may donate your extra time and money to a needy family that you know.

If you are a secretary, you may be very involved with your boss's personal needs and comforts rather than clerical duties.

If you are a physician seeing patients, you will be very concerned with your patients as individuals. 
Personal involvement and concern are characteristic Moon in 7th House of Solar return placement.
It is very likely that you will personally relate on a regular basis to the individual you are helping. 

And unless the relationship is also an intimate one, it is common for the relationship and the nurturing activities to appear one-sided. 

Non-intimate relationships associated with the Moon in the 7th house of Solar return are not equal. 

One person has more knowledge, expertise, status, or responsibility than the other; one has more power and control than the other; one is cared for and nurtured while the other does the nurturing; one shares his or her feelings, and the other just listens and/or helps. 

It is very common to be involved in professional or informal counseling relation-ships during the solar return year. The individuals tend to be unequal, and one person gives while the other receives.  
Intimate relationships have a similar, yet slightly different, manifestation.  

COMPOSITE CHART Analisis for Potensial Partnership with Success and High Achievement 

Dependency is-sues are also common in these relationships, and the individuals involved tend to assume polarized roles during the Solar Return year. 

Examples include, caretaker roles, stronger versus weaker, or traditional male-female roles. Existing relationships change in some way, and many times this is the change that occurs. Even if you and your partner have established a balanced relationship over a long period of time, it is usually the case that during this year, one, more than the other, needs to be supported emotionally, economically, or physically. 

The more dependent individual in the pair finds it difficult to make decisions, be assertive, or handle daily problems. The more dominant individual is usually in control and becomes responsible for the couple's future and welfare. 

Occasionally this is caused by illness, but it is more likely to result from subtle shifts in power within the relationship, or a greater need for understanding and support. Long-range goals, education, pregnancy, and child rearing may contribute to these power shifts. In very strained and difficult relationships, the balance of power is heavily weighted in one direction. The weaker individual finds it hard to attain a sense of individuality and yet is afraid to leave the relationship entirely. In very balanced intimate relationships, mutual nurturing is possible.  

You may meet someone and become romantically involved during the Solar Return year.  
You need greater emotional intimacy. Ideally, you will be able to establish a pattern of mutual support. But the Moon in the 7th house does not guarantee that your relationships will be naturally fulfilling. If you are involved with a partner who is capable and willing to match your need for closeness and sharing then it is likely that your relationship will deepen and grow. 

However, if your relationship depends on your ability to care for the other's needs, and your partner is unable or unwilling to reciprocate now or in the future, then your relationship will be emotionally draining and difficult. Expect your moods to change with the positive and negative shifts in this relationship. Since change and fluctuation will be such a major factor in your relation-ships during this year, moodiness can be a problem until you learn to handle the changes.  
You will tend to be more emotional than rational this year, and you will follow your heart more than your head. 
This is because you may be more interested in emotional fulfillment than intellectual analysis of your situation. Check the placements for Mercury, Pluto, and Venus to better understand the Moon in the 7th house. 

If you are truly in love with someone and the relationship is good, you will be able to support each other and overcome any obstacles. Your relationship will grow more intimate. But strained or blocked relationships will only become more difficult. It is the emotional connection, whether good or bad, that draws you to someone; unfortunately, this need for intensity and lack of objective thinking may en-able you to remain in a nonproductive relationship with unrealistic expectations for the future. 

The Moon in the 7th house of Solar Return is also a sign that unconscious complexes can complicate your present relationship. 
Former relationships which reinforced negative patterns of relating and left you feeling wounded may have left psychological scars which must be faced and dealt with now before greater intimacy can develop. 

It is essential that you seek to understand these complexes. Irrational fears, obsessions, possessiveness, jealousy, and lack of trust are just a few of the forms these complexes might take. This is an excellent time to see a marriage counselor or attend a marriage encounter. If your relationship is basically combative and neither of you is interested in deepening your commitment to each other, then emotionally difficult scenes will be generated by your feelings of hurt and rejection, both in this relationship and others. 

In this case, individual counseling is more appropriate.

Planets in Solar return chart Aspecting the Moon 

Aspects to the Moon can imply that emotional expression is either enhanced or inhibited by various personality factors and life situations.

The planets aspecting the Moon, of course, color its interpretation. The aspects themselves reflect a degree of ease or difficulty. The unpleasantness you feel compels you to look at your surroundings more closely and work to correct or improve conditions. 

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