THE MOON IN 5TH HOUSE Of Your yearly Horoscope

 The start of a new romantic relationship is the most common event associated with the Moon in this house.  

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This new relationship can be viewed as a “first” in one way or another. If you are very young, it may be your very first relationship or first meaningful relationship. If you are a little older, it can indicate the year you begin having sex, especially if you are emotionally involved with one particular person. 

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It might be the first time you live with someone or begin dating the person you are going to marry.

If you are older and more established in these areas, it may be the first time in a long time that you are emotionally involved with a new person. Regardless of your marital situation, this can be a year when you feel an emotional connection to a new person, and usually, this connection is very compelling.

Unlike the Sun in the 5th house, the Moon is not necessarily associated with sexual attraction. 

The Sun seems to be more suggestive of a sexual affair. In fact, with the Sun in the 5th, the relationship may simply be a sexual fling with limited emotional contact. But the Moon is more closely associated with emotional needs in a relationship, and therefore the contact may or may not be sexual, though many times sexual involvement occurs. 

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It is the desire for emotional sharing and expression that seems to be the main focus and motivation for the relationship. Then, as the relationship deepens and intimacy increases, sexual involvement develops. The need for emotional expression is probably the key to understanding the interpretation of the Moon in this house and romance is a wonderful means for expression. Though the give and take of a relationship is just one way to handle feelings, it is a way many people seem to choose.

If you are involved in a relationship such as this, your feelings will be very intense. 

You are more apt to express yourself emotionally, and consequently it will be more difficult to hide what you are feeling. This may not be a good time to keep a clandestine relationship secret. You will be subject to emotional swings. At times you will be elated, while at other times you might feel depressed. 

Your feelings may depend on how well the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other. An element of “need” is many times associated with these relationships and dependency is a problem. The individual you are involved with could need your help in one way or another. The situation need not be crucial, but you will have the opportunity to express nurturing and protective feelings. If you respond in a mothering or overprotective way, the relationship may involve dependency issues. On the other hand, you may be the one who becomes dependent.

Your feelings are not necessarily stronger and deeper this year, but you are more apt to express them in an obvious way. 

This may include openly stating what you need or want. Being direct is probably the best way to express your feelings, but it is also common to seek secondary or alternative ways. Finding satisfying means for emotional self-expression is one of the tasks associated with this placement and may contribute to the romantic nature of the year. You may choose an artistic or dramatic means for emotional expression. You could, however, choose creative endeavors such as painting, writing, or acting. Or you might want to participate in intense situations which exemplify the drama of human life, such as being an emergency room nurse, or soup kitchen volunteer. 

Your strong need for emotional expression can lead you to intense personal situations. You may have a baby instead of a love affair. If you are aware of your emotional needs, you can consciously choose an outlet for this energy. There is no limit to the manifestations you can pick so long as the situation allows for emotional involvement and expression. If you are frustrated by your present circumstances and the people around you are unable to satisfy your emotional need for expression, look elsewhere. You need situations which allow for some external display of emotions. For a few, this may involve living life on the edge of an emotional crisis.

One final avenue for emotional expression can be intense involvement with children. 

You may be especially concerned with their emotional well-being or creative abilities. If you have children of your own, this can be a good time to reach out to them. Focus on understanding their needs. Your children may be more emotional this year, especially if your relationship with them is changing or changes are occurring in the home environment. They may require extra love and attention if this is the case. The difficulty with the Moon in the 5th is that a parent might view his or her children as an extension of his or her own personality. As a parent, you can have certain needs that you assume only your children can fill, and this places unnecessary pressure on them.

Aspects to the Moon in the 5th house can suggest avenues for emotional self-expression, or possible inhibitions and blockages.

 Aspects to the 2nd house imply that your mode of self-expression can be either financially lucrative or expensive to maintain. Expenses related to children may increase. Traditional values associated with the 2nd house may or may not be compatible with your romantic choices. A conflict is generally the case if you are married and involved in an extramarital affair. Aspects from the 5th to the 8th house can also suggest financial concerns. 

If your children are starting college, you might assume a large loan to cover their education. A sexual issue or problem could affect any relationship you are involved in. The Moon in the 5th aspected by planets in the 11th symbolizes a freedom-closeness dilemma involving romantic involvements. “Are we serious lovers or are we just friends?” typifies this dilemma.

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