NORTHERN HEMISPHERIC EMPHASIS in your yearly Solar return chart

Charts with nine or all of the planets below the horizon indicate a period of internalization rather than a push for outward achievement. 
It is the internal integration which is most important at this time. This is true even of 5th house of Solar return placements, wherein the inner personality must be made external through 
some creative or artistic mode of self-expression. 

It is also true of the 6th house, where health and work changes result from inner processes moving toward outer manifestation. Emotional satisfaction and fulfillment are the primary goals and motivating forces; therefore a lot of attention is given to feelings and subjective thoughts. What others think has little influence if the personal perspective is strong. Some will be withdrawn or somewhat reclusive during the year, using this time for quiet reflection and the fostering of inner strength. You might appreciate evenings at home with family and friends rather than social or business evenings out on the town. Use this time to become more rooted and in touch with yourself and others. 

Allow intuitive processes to grow so you will be better able to sense your true future direction. 
The difficulty associated with the northern emphasis is that you may get so involved with your feelings that they overwhelm you and prevent you from living a normal life. You can neglect your responsibilities and lose all motivation toward success. It may become more important to express your negative feelings about your boss than to correct detrimental situations. If you cannot achieve a sense of fulfillment, you will grow bitter and sever relationships with little or no negotiation or warning. Nursing a wound is an inadequate substitute for emotional gratification. 

This time can be used to get in touch with your sense of fulfillment and past achievement. You cannot understand where you are going if you don't understand where you have been. You cannot set goals for the future if you have not assimilated your past successes, and you can't branch out if you have not created a good support system among those you love. 

This is a time for building the foundation necessary for a new cycle of external achievement. 
Although you may actually be very successful during this period, you will still be laying the groundwork for a new round of activity. 


This hemisphere is associated with the personal self, the inner world, and the home. People with a Northern Hemispheric emphasis tend to be introverted, private, and family-oriented. They may also be more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in the outside world.

Introverted and private: 

People with a Northern Hemispheric emphasis tend to be introverted and private. They may feel more comfortable in their own company than in large groups, and they may need more time alone to recharge. 


Family is important to people with a Northern Hemispheric emphasis. They may be close to their parents, siblings, and extended family, and they may enjoy spending time with them. 

Interested in inner world: 

People with a Northern Hemispheric emphasis are often interested in their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They may be introspective and reflective, and they may enjoy spending time in meditation or journaling. 


People with a Northern Hemispheric emphasis may be homebodies. They may enjoy spending time at home with their family and pets, and they may find it difficult to leave home for extended periods of time.

Hemispheric Emphasis in Solar Return chart

Presented below are the interpretations for hemispheric emphasis, quadrant emphasis, mode, and element preponderances and lacks. The reader should remember that narrow interpretations of singular astrological data are never the ideal. It is difficult to isolate one factor for interpretation without considering the rest of the chart. This is especially true of the following factors which tend to be general and particularly susceptible to contraindications in the rest of the solar return chart. It is important that you weigh the following factors according to their consistency or lack thereof with significant themes in the interpretation. 

SOUTHERN HEMISPHERIC EMPHASIS in your Yearly Solar return chart

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EASTERN HEMISPHERIC EMPHASIS in your yearly Solar Return Chart 

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WESTERN HEMISPHERIC EMPHASIS in your yearly Solar Return chart

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