People who enjoy poetry, fantasy, and fiction often have certain personality traits in common. They may be:
  • Creative and imaginative: Poetry, fantasy, and fiction all require the ability to think outside the box and to come up with new and original ideas. People who enjoy these genres are often drawn to their creativity and imagination. 
  • Open-minded and curious: Poetry, fantasy, and fiction can transport us to other worlds and introduce us to new ideas and perspectives. People who enjoy these genres are often open-minded and curious about the world around them. 
  • Empathetic and compassionate: Poetry, fantasy, and fiction can help us to understand ourselves and others better. People who enjoy these genres are often empathetic and compassionate, and they may be drawn to the emotional depth of the stories and characters.

For example, people who enjoy poetry may be drawn to its beauty and language, while people who enjoy fantasy may be drawn to its excitement and adventure.

In terms of astrology, there are certain planetary placements and zodiac signs that are often associated with these traits. For example:
  • Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusion, and the subconscious mind. It is often associated with imagination, creativity, and a sense of wonder. 
  • Pisces is the zodiac sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces people are often known for their empathy, compassion, and rich inner worlds..
  • The Moon is the luminary associated with the emotions, intuition, and imagination. People with a strong Moon placement in their birth chart may be more likely to enjoy poetry, fantasy, and fiction.
There are a number of astrological indicators that may suggest strong in poetry, fantasy, and fiction Personality.

Some of the most common include:

Example #1, People with Date of  Jan 8 1993

    1.00 Point,  Ven in Pis
    1.00 Point,  Moo in 12th house
    1.00 Point,  Mar in 12th house
    7.91 Points, Sun cnj Nep, Orb = 0°05'
    0.13 Point,  Moo opp Nep, Orb = 6°32'
    0.79 Point,  Mer sqr Jup, Orb = 4°13'
    1.60 Points, Mar opp Nep, Orb = 1°25'
    0.16 Point,  Jup sqr Nep, Orb = 4°35'
    0.28 Point,  Sat ssxt Nep, Orb = 1°26'
    1.85 Points, Ura cnj Nep, Orb = 0°31'
    1.42 Points, Nep sqr MC, Orb = 1°27'
    1.21 Points, Sun sqr Mar/Nep, Orb = 0°47'
    1.55 Points, Mar opp Sun/Nep, Orb = 1°27'
    1.33 Points, Nep sqr Sun/Mar, Orb = 0°40'
    2.66 Points, Sun cnj Ura/Nep, Orb = 0°20'
    2.45 Points, Ura cnj Sun/Nep, Orb = 0°33'
    2.78 Points, Nep cnj Sun/Ura, Orb = 0°13'
    1.74 Points, Nep sqr Moo/Mer, Orb = 1°08'
    0.02 Point,  Ven sesq Moo/Nep, Orb = 1°28'
    0.14 Point,  Nep opp Moo/Mar, Orb = 2°34'
    0.35 Point,  Nep sesq Moo/Jup, Orb = 0°59'
    0.03 Point,  Mar opp Mer/Nep, Orb = 2°59'
    1.93 Points, Jup sqr Mer/Ura, Orb = 0°04'
    3.62 Points, Jup sqr Mer/Nep, Orb = 0°11'
  TOTAL= 36.95 points times 5.640 is 208 points

Example #2 , People with Date of Sep 14 1989

    1.00 Point,  Moo in Pis
    1.00 Point,  Sun in 12th house
    1.00 Point,  Mar in 12th house
    2.56 Points, Mer sqr Jup, Orb = 2°26'
   13.16 Points, Mer sqr Nep, Orb = 0°37'
    1.48 Points, Jup opp Nep, Orb = 1°50'
    1.34 Points, Sat cnj Nep, Orb = 2°19'
    0.47 Point,  Nep sqr Asc, Orb = 3°49'
    1.94 Points, Nep opp MC, Orb = 0°11'
    0.31 Point,  Sun sesq Moo/Nep, Orb = 1°02'
    0.47 Point,  Ura ssqr Sun/Nep, Orb = 0°47'
    0.59 Point,  Plu cnj Sun/Nep, Orb = 2°25'
    0.78 Point,  Moo sqr Ven/Nep, Orb = 0°26'
    0.89 Point,  Nep cnj Moo/Plu, Orb = 0°20'
    3.43 Points, Mer opp Jup/Nep, Orb = 1°32'
    1.78 Points, Nep sesq Mer/Jup, Orb = 0°37'
    0.46 Point,  Mer sqr Sat/Nep, Orb = 1°46'
    0.87 Point,  Nep ssqr Mer/Sat, Orb = 0°51'
    0.15 Point,  Nep tri Jup/Plu, Orb = 0°51'
  TOTAL= 33.68 points times 5.640 is 190 points

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