ASTROSIGNATURE of People with Strong Interest in Dealing Human Experience

 Pyschology, athropology, humanities, literature. are all fields of study that deal with the human experience. However, they approach this topic from different perspectives.

These four fields of study are interconnected in many ways. For example, psychologists often draw on anthropological research to understand how culture influences human behavior. Similarly, anthropologists often use psychological theories to explain social phenomena. Humanities scholars also use insights from psychology and anthropology to better understand the human experience.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in psychology, anthropology, the humanities, or literature, it is helpful to have a strong natal chart foundation. This will give you the natural talents and abilities that are necessary to succeed in these fields.

There are a number of astrological indicators that may suggest an interest in or aptitude for psychology, anthropology, humanities, and literature. 

Some of the most common include:

Example #1, People with Date of Sep 24 1993

    2.00 Points, Sun in Lib
    4.00 Points, Mer in Lib
    3.00 Points, Asc in Can
    1.00 Point,  Sun in 4th house
    5.00 Points, Mer in 4th house
    2.80 Points, Moo sqr Mer, Orb = 3°36'
    0.64 Point,  Mer cnj Jup, Orb = 1°04'
    3.78 Points, Mer sqr Nep, Orb = 2°38'
    3.04 Points, Mer sqr Moo/Nep, Orb = 0°29'
    2.27 Points, Ven sqr Mer/Nep, Orb = 0°52'
  TOTAL= 27.53 points times 10.160 is 280 points

Example #2 , People with Date of Birth Oct 18 1997

    2.00 Points, Sun in Lib
    4.00 Points, Mer in Lib
    1.00 Point,  Mer in 11th house
    0.04 Point,  Sun cnj Mer, Orb = 2°52'
    7.48 Points, Mer sqr Nep, Orb = 0°19'
    4.22 Points, Moo opp Mer/Ven, Orb = 1°11'
    3.04 Points, Ven cnj Mer/Nep, Orb = 1°42'
  TOTAL= 21.78 points times 10.160 is 221 points

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