Solar Return chart URANUS - VENUS Aspect

Uranus-Venus  aspects in the your Solar return chart usually denote changes in relationships. 

For some people, this can mean a sudden attraction and the excitement of a new love. 

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Involvements may be very strong, very quick, and may or may not have staying power. New relationships might eventually lead to marriage, but probably not during this solar return year. 

Loose associations are common. Friends become lovers, and some love relationships seem more like friendships. Occasionally, relation-ships and attractions are less than conventional. 

Affairs with married individuals, homosexual or bisexual partners, and long-distance romances are possible. 

A general mood of disruption may permeate all partnerships, whether old or new. Difficult relationships may end or become on-again, off-again involvements, but for those in a healthy relationship, changes will occur within the relationship itself and do not indicate a break in ties or a loss of commitment to one another. One or the other partner may have a desire for greater freedom and openness. Perhaps he or she wishes to attend school, change jobs, or retire. Scroll down to read more...

SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 

From year to year, the Sun passes through the Solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example..

For some people, the changes involve a loss of comfort and stability, but again in newness and excitement. For example, the birth of a child brings both disruption and excitement to the new parents. Gone is the relaxing comfort of a stable schedule; expectations and behavioral patterns which were once taken for granted may now be nonexistent. Other changes that might occur in-clude relocation, travel, and an increase or decrease 

in the number of people living with you. An elder parent may need constant care and move in with you. New patterns must emerge, but while the necessary adjustments are being made, the continuing disruption can cause difficulties and temporary distancing between the individuals involved. Any strong change can lead to adjustments in established relationship patterns. 

Financial changes are also likely to occur with Uranus-Venus aspects. If you are involved in a new and exciting relationship, you may give up your present home and job to relocate to his or her area Some individuals dispose of much of what they own before such a major move. For one reason or another, you may decide to stop working, or you may go out and get a job. The amount of money available to you is likely to increase, decrease, or fluctuate. If you are working on a commission or incentive basis, or involved in a profit-sharing plan, you might receive an unexpected windfall Self-employment is also associated with income fluctuations. 

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