VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS in your Yearly Horoscope

Venus conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart 

Usually denotes changes in relation-ships. For some people, this can mean a sudden attraction and the excitement of a new love. Involvements may be very strong, very quick, and may or may not have staying power. 

New relationships might eventually lead to marriage, but probably not during this solar return year. 

It is better to put off making a commitment. Loose, but intense associations are more common. Friends become lovers, and some love relationships seem more like friendships. Occasionally, relationships and attractions are less than conventional. Affairs with married individuals, homosexual or bisexual partners, those much older, those much younger, or those from a different ethnic background are possible. Free spirits are particularly attractive, and you could be drawn to someone totally not your type. 

A general mood of disruption may permeate all partnerships, whether old or new, personal, professional, or familial. Difficult relationships may end or become on-again, off-again involvements. Perhaps you need to shield yourself from the chaos and drama others create. Know when to set boundaries. For those in a healthy relationship, changes occur within the relationship itself and do not indicate a break in ties or a loss of commitment to each another. One or the other partner may have a desire for greater freedom and openness, perhaps related to a career transition, relocation, continuing education, travel, illness, or retirement. 

For some couples, the changes involve a loss of comfort and stability, but a gain in new-ness and excitement. 

For example, the birth of a child brings both disruption and excitement to the new parents. Gone is the relaxing comfort of a stable schedule; expectations and behavioral patterns which were once taken for granted may now be nonexistent. Perhaps an elder parent in need of constant care moves in. Grown children moving in or out can create disorder. New patterns must emerge, but while the necessary adjustments are being made, the continuing disruption can cause difficulties and temporary distancing between those involved. Any strong change can lead to adjustments in established relationship patterns. 

Financial changes are also likely to occur when Venus is conjunct Uranus in your Yearly Solar Return chart. 

The house placement for these two planets may indicate the area of change and the reason for any financial adjustment. 

Planet Aspecting in Venus

You may move in with a lover, spouse, or friend and begin to share expenses. You might receive a financial windfall or raise. On the other hand, a major expense is just as likely. Better to be prepared than caught by surprise. You can be working on a commission or incentive basis, or be involved in a profit-sharing plan at work. Self-employment has its ups and downs, especially when starting a new business from scratch. For one reason or another, the amount of money avail-able to you is likely to change or fluctuate. 

This is a good time to be creative, both in the arts and with life. Discover hidden talents and take risks. Follow your dreams and go after what you want. Make the most of opportunities and surprising situations. 

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Planet in Solar return, Aspecting to URANUS

  • VENUS IN : ( | 1ST   | ) , ( | 2ND | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH   | ) , ( | 5TH   | ) , ( 6TH   | ) , ( 7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH  | ) , ( | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH  | ) , (  11TH   | ) , (  12TH   | ) HOUSE

Planet Aspecting in Venus