VENUS IN THE 11TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

An 11th house solar return Venus indicates you are more likely to be involved in friend-ships and associations with a number of people rather than in-depth relationships with only a few individuals.
Your relationship style leans more heavily toward detached, less intimate forms of relating. If you are not presently involved in an intimate relationship, it is un-likely that you will form one during this solar return period. 

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You are more apt to be friendly with a variety of people than fulfilled by any single relationship. This placement can be associated with "playing the field." Even if you do have your eye on one particular individual, he or she may not be ready to make any kind of commitment at this time. 

If you are already married or involved in a stable intimate relationship, you may want to make new acquaintances by socializing with groups of people. The focus will be on expanding your circle of friends and creating new interests. Personal freedom may be an issue, and you and your partner can make changes which will increase your freedom and flexibility. If your marriage or steady relationship is strong, these changes will not have a disruptive effect But if your relationship is weak and you ques-tion your loyalty to one person or feel very restricted by your present partnership, the push for freedom can lead to strong attractions to other people. 

The 11th is the house of " why not?" and issues and conflicts related to monogamy are common. You may be tempted by an opportunity for an affair. How friendly you actually get with others is your decision. Sex is not necessarily a requirement for the variety of experiences and excitement you seek with this placement, but it may suit your needs during this time. Weak marriages can break down, especially if there are oppositions be-tween Venus in the 11th house and planets in the 5th. In this case, friends tend to become lovers while lovers become friends, and your ability to make a distinction becomes clouded. Aspects to the 2nd house show traditional relationships versus the need for freedom, while aspects from the 8th focus on sexuality. Aspects to the other succedent houses can also emphasize monogamy issues, security or financial risks, and stability versus change. 

Your friends can be very helpful and great sources of strength. You may depend on your friends to help you achieve your goals during the year. One woman, who started a small business, called on her friends to fill in when she needed extra hands for short periods of time. This is a good year to foster helping friendships and to network within your community. You can do this for either business or personal reasons. 

You may join an organized group or attend regularly scheduled social functions. Going to meetings can fulfill two needs, giving you a wide range of social contacts while also expanding your interests. Group involvement can be mutually beneficial, as there is room for give and take with this placement. Interactions can provide you with opportunities for personal growth or professional advancement You may see group interaction as a way of implementing your goals. This may or may not be the case, but group members are likely to be supportive. 

This can be a good time to seek a promotion or raise. The 11th house is the money house for the 10th of career. You may be rewarded for your hard work but don't expect something for nothing. If Venus is in the 11th without strong Saturnian aspects or placements in the 10th or 11th, the promotion is more likely to involve money only, but with a Saturnian motif, you are more apt to accept extra responsibility along with the salary increase. 

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