VENUS IN 5TH HOUSE of Solar Return Astrology Chart


Venus in this house can be indicative of a love affair, especially if the Sun and/or Moon are also in the 5th. Generally, the more planets in the 5th house with Venus, the greater the possibility of romantic involvement.

 Although any 5th house relationship can lead to marriage eventually, for the present it will probably remain an affair. Strong relationships can be shown by the Sun, Moon, and planets in either the 5th or the 7th houses, but marriage is more likely to be considered an option with many 7th house placements, while 5th house placements imply strong attractions and relationships, but usually the commitment necessary for marriage has not yet been developed.

Square aspects between 5th and 7th house planets indicate a disagreement over where the relationship is headed or if it is headed anywhere at all. One partner may be keen on marriage while the other is not. For those who are already married, these aspects and placements suggest that children or outside involvements disrupt your already existing relationship.

Venus in the 5th house does not always mean romance is imminent because this is also the house of self-expression and greater personality diversification.

 A positive evolutionary cycle of increasing self-confidence, coupled with increasing self-expression, is associated with this placement. It’s a good time to gain confidence in your abilities while trying something totally new. This year can be very creative, productive, and encouraging. Self-expression is not limited to artistic endeavors; one individual founded a nursery school with Venus in the 5th house. The medium is not important. What is noteworthy is the growth in self-confidence that accompanies the increased self-expression.

This is a good year to spend extra time with your children and relate to them in a more positive way. 

If you have had difficulties with your children in the recent past, your relationship may improve during the coming year. Venus taken out of context and by itself can indicate improved conditions according to its house position. Children who have had problems with school, siblings, or adjustments to relocations and social situations, may appear to be making more progress during the year. It is also possible you are better able to understand their problems and take appropriate corrective action. This placement may be mutually beneficial for both parent and child. If you do not have children of your own, you may still be involved with children in one way or another.

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