VENUS SQUARE or OPPOSITE JUPITER in Your Yearly Solar Return

When Venus is square or opposite Jupiter in Solar Return, 

You can benefit either directly or indirectly through the influence or assistance of another; how-ever, there may be a problem with what you receive. 

Relationships can be very rewarding, and you reap what you have sown. If you have been helpful and understanding to others in the past, you can expect the same treatment now. Your spouse, lover, friend, or business partner might be supportive of your goals. 

You are the direct recipient of benefit, but sometimes the gift is not what you expected. 

You benefactor may gift you according to his or her needs and not yours. Your benefactor may assume incorrectly what you want or need. There may be an expense involved, and the cost is greater than the benefit. The benefactor may be interested in a relationship with you though you are not interested in him or her. So, although there is a gift to be had, it may not be to your liking. 

Indirect benefits come to you through relationships with others. 

They are the direct recipients, and you benefit because of them, but again it may not be what you were hoping for. 

For example,  
Your spouse accepts a job transfer to Hawaii and is very excited about the new position, but you have mixed feelings about the move. 

Your parents are in the area, and they need your help. 

Your oldest child is just entering her last year of high school. This would be a difficult transition for her. As much as you would love to experience Hawaii, you feel torn between going or staying. Whether the benefit comes to you directly or indirectly, it can be a mixed blessing. It is not necessarily a match made in heaven. 

Since 👉 Jupiter rules your belief system, while Jupiter is square or opposite Venus in Solar Return, there may be a philosophical difference between you and your partner. 

The two of you may not feel the same way about each other or the purpose of the relationship. What you believe should be true about relationships can be inconsistent with your experience within this relationship. Specifically, are actions consistent with your religious beliefs, morals, ethics, spending practices, and sexual mores? 

For example, is your partner a spender while you are a saver? Is he or she making large purchases and incur-ring major expenses against your wishes and beyond your means? Gambling, risk-taking, and addictions are possible, but less likely. 

  • Do you wish to start a family, but your partner does not? 
  • Do you have different religious back-grounds and disagree on religious education for the children? 
  • How much time do you spend together? 
  • Are your priorities different? 
  • Is someone asking for greater freedom? 
  • Are you a monogamous couple or is your relation-ship open? Is someone involved in a second relationship? 

You need to voice your concerns regarding these and other issues that are important to you and affect your relationship negatively. The goal in regard to relationships and finances is one of balance and integration. 
  • VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER, Because Venus has eight placements in the solar return and moves around, Jupiter can totally miss the conjunction to Venus in the solar return. learn more..
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Planet Aspecting in Venus

Planet in Solar return Apecting in JUPITER

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