Your Yearly VENUS Return chart Aspecting in Jupiter


Venus is known as the lesser and Jupiter is known as the greater benefic. When Venus and Jupiter are in aspect in Solar return chart, you can either benefit directly or indirectly through the influence or assistance of another.

 Relationships can be very rewarding, and you reap what you have sown. 

If you have been helpful and understanding to others in the past, you can expect the same treatment now. Your spouse, lover, friend, or business partner will be actively supportive of your goals, physically, emotionally, and/or financially.

You are the direct recipient of good fortune or benefit 

Indirect benefits come to you through relation-ships with others. They are the direct recipients, and you benefit because of them. 

For example, your spouse accepts a job transfer to Hawaii, and you always wanted to live by the ocean in a tropical paradise. 

You may buy a house when you get there since large purchases and expenses are commonly seen with Venus-Jupiter solar return aspects. If your spouse received a promotion along with the relocation, there will be more money for the purchase. Regardless, you might still spend more than you should. While Saturn in aspect to Venus suggests conservative spending practices, Jupiter in aspect to Venus suggests large purchases and major expenses. 

Since Jupiter rules your belief system, what you believe to be true about most relationships, and specifically your own, can either be consistent with your experience, or in conflict with the reality of your situation. Your beliefs are up for review. Certain issues arise concerning religious beliefs, morals, ethics, spending practices, and sexuality. Some may discuss monogamy and whether or not their relationship is open or closed. The debate will arise if either one of the partners becomes involved in a second relationship. Defining the beliefs and ethics you live by in regard to relationships and finances becomes a goal during the year. 

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