VENUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 One might think that Venus in the 2nd house of the solar return would be associated with increased money and materialism. 

Certainly, you pay more attention to finances with this placement. But rather than increased money, Venus in the 2nd house is more likely to indicate easy money, the kind that requires no extra work on your part. The epitome of this interpretation is money that comes to you through welfare or unemployment checks.

This is a possibility, although usually not the case. The most common manifestation is that money comes more easily because you cut back on your hours at work or refuse overtime. You may earn a little less, but the quality of your life seems more important than the extra income.

Venus in the 2nd normally indicates you are comfortable with the money you have or earn, 

so it is most likely that you anticipated this cutback in salary and either paid off your debts or made adjustments in your budget so the financial loss would not be noticeable. Another common manifestation for this Venus placement is an increase in salary or funds available. As a rule, pay raises will not involve a great increase in time or effort on your part. If you work as a salesperson, you may land a huge account, thereby raising your commission without increasing your work load. If you are employed at a steady salary, you may be given a raise or bonus...

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