VENUS IN LEO in Solar Return Year

 The planet of love is in a Fire sign this Solar retunr year indicating that you are more adventurous in love and money matters this Sola return year. 

You are more willing to take risks when it comes to love and money. Even if you usually enjoy security, you are prepared to venture out of your comfort zone seeking companionship, and perhaps even social influence. Venus also rules finances, so there could be an emphasis on spending money on luxury items, entertainment, and beauty-related purchases. Possibility of financial gains through creative projects or social connections..

If you are single you are likely to be attracted to outgoing, artistic or adventurous types. If you are attached, your partnership is likely to feature more prominently in your life. 

You may be tempted to "show-off" your beloved a little more, or to pursue more social activities with your partner. You may even enjoy more creative pursuits, or a little social climbing and pomp and circumstance. 

Key Aspects to Look For: 

The aspects Venus makes with other planets in the Solar Return chart can provide more insights into how these themes will manifest. Positive aspects (trines, sextiles) indicate smooth flow and ease, while challenging aspects (squares, oppositions) suggest areas of tension or growth. 
The house Venus occupies in the Solar Return chart will show the specific area of life where these energies are most likely to play out. For example, Venus in the 5th house emphasizes love, creativity, and children, while Venus in the 10th house focuses on career and public image.

Gemini Venus:

Undeveloped: judging, control-freak, manipulative in a way, bad intentions, showing less to no emotion at all, you never know where you're at with them, won't let you talk, doesn't really listen

Developed: funny and lively conversations, shows you the bright side of life, gives good advice, tries to be a lil more affectionate, smiles a lot and gives you positivity, is like a best friend and partner at the same time

Cancer Venus:

Undeveloped: controlling, manipulates your emotion, cry-baby, needs you a bit too much, drama queen, jealous, a bit clingy, love is "melodrama", deeply affected/sad when something goes wrong

Developed: cares about their partner and their health, always a shoulder to lean on, gives the warmest hugs, helps you, tries to understand your opinions, just wants to spread love, shows affection a lot, romantic

Leo Venus:

Undeveloped: wants to be treated as royal, could use you for their goods, egoistic af, when their needs aren't fulfilled prepare for fight, needs attention, fishing for compliments, doesn't really care about how their partner feels, clingy

Developed: treats YOU like royality, supports you and your goals, no.1 fan of your relationship, shows you off, goes on cute dates, thoughtful gifts, romantic, positive about your future, wants to spend time with you.

Virgo Venus:

Undeveloped: doesn't "care" about love, thinks they don't deserve love, plays the victim, gives everything in a relationship without getting something back, shows no emotion, difficult to see under their hard shell, hard to commit to a person/relationship

Developed: your go-to-person, shows enough emotion, embraces the little things, really sweet and affectionate, makes thoughtful gifts, cares about you and your health, always trying to make you happy with little jokes, best..

Libra Venus

Undeveloped: clingy, overly romantic, has a new crush everyday, can't really commit to one partner, you never know where you're at with them, everything revolves about them and their feelings, missing sense of identity, indecesive

Developed: really sweet and affectionate, wants the best for their partner, invests a lot of time in the relationship, determined about love, loves to show their love, shows you off, tells everyone that their partner is the best, cares for you

Scorpio Venus

Undeveloped: possessive, too much jealousy (you can't even talk to someone else), not stable enough to handle a rejection, concentrates only on their partner and forgets about themselves, often too passionate and a lot of fights

Developed: gives you enough freedom to be yourself, romantic and cute gestures, pushes you to new things, is productive with you, teamwork is always on point, gives you security and stability, great sex life, wants to be happy with you.

Sagittarius Venus

Undeveloped: often too flighty, doesn't stay around one partner for too long, difficulties to express their feelings properly, doesn't search for something true, thinks they're always right, often brutally honest and disrespectful

Developed: tries to give their partner safety but also an adventure, always wants to do something new and crazy (in a good way), loves you for who you are not what you look like, is proud to have you and shows you their feelings

Capricorn Venus

Undeveloped: does not have a lot of self- confidence and doubts themselves constantly, afraid of falling in love and ending the relationship in a disaster, cold and comes off as heartless, only interested in their work, makes up no time for their partner

Developed: one of the most romantic and affectionate lovers, when they really love you, they'll show and prove it, give you stability, respectful and not too clingy, wants the best for you and always helps you with everything, is really concerned about being happy with one person.

Aquarius Venus

Undeveloped: a bit of a loner sometimes, it's very hard for them to show affection and love, often don't know what love feels like, tries to avoid relationships, cynic, pretty harsh, hard for them to open up to someone, lost in their own world, not interested in romance

Developed: would go to the end of the world for the person they love, shows love in their own and very special ways, down for anything, you can talk with them about literally anything, soulmate material, wants the best for you, needs their freedom but you can always find compromises

Pisces Venus

Undeveloped: too dreamy, can't commit to one person, but if they do they're too clingy, don't think of themselves and only cares about others which isn't always good, plays the victim a lot, lonely, wastes time not talking to their crush and tell them the truth

Developed: loves to spend time with the one they love, also tries to think of themselves, helpful and caring, very sensual and sensitive, they would never ever hurt you, loyal and honest, a sweet little romantic, gives the best advice.


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