SATURN in the 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Saturn in the 7th house of  Solar return year indicates that close personal relationships are defined, limited, or structured in order to establish a greater degree of safety and security.

For those dating and not married, usually, 

the relationship is defined as  not ready for marriage during this solar return year. 

Although this can be a time of great commitment for those who are already married, 

there is generally a lack of commitment or a need for a delay with those who have not yet tied the knot. 



Relationship limitations can be either natural or artificial. 

Natural limitations are inherent in the situation while artificial restrictions are imposed by one partner or the other. 

Inherent limitations include living in different areas of the country, scheduling problems, and basic socio-economic or character differences.  

The time you spend together may be restricted by work, distance, parents, or other circumstances. Aspects to the other houses may give you some clue as to the source of these restrictions.  

This is not the year of the free-flowing,... 

easy-going relationship, since an important partnership will be reassessed and structured during this time of 2022.  

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Planet in Solar return Apecting in SATURN

Your dream often announces what the future holds..



The hallmark of this placement is realism. 

You must deal realistically with a relationship in order to develop a sense of security and safety. You must see your partner as a real person with human frail-ties and needs and then address those issues.

 Most significant relationships will have an issue which must be handled successfully if the relationship is to prosper and grow. 

For example, one extravagant young woman was dismayed at her boyfriend's present state of poverty.

 He had just graduated from law school, but had not yet become established in the world. She wanted to marry him, but did not want to be poor. She began to see what life would be like married to a young lawyer, and she subsequently sought options and changes within herself that would resolve this issue rather than destroy the relationship. 

It also became obvious to her that the young lawyer would need to put in extra hours during his first few years with the law firm and the woman would need to occupy her time alone with her own pursuits until they could be together in the evenings. 

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