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JUPITER IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

The best phrase to describe Jupiter in the 7th house is, "Ask and you shall receive. 

"Others naturally come to your aid, giving more assistance and support than you expected, or even thought you needed. 

If you are in a difficult situation, others readily offer to help.

Zodiac Season
Zodiac Season

MERCURY IN 7TH HOUSE of your yearly horoscope

A 7th house Mercury in the solar return chart can signal the importance of communication with others during the coming year. 
You may spend a lot of time discussing, explaining, negotiating, and even arguing with others, especially if you have a major project or issue that needs to be handled.

Matters under discussion will not be finalized easily

Projects may require much communication among all those involved before completion; disputes may require lengthy negotiations before an agreement can be reached.

URANUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

The primary interpretation for Uranus in the 7th house of Solar Return year, focuses on changes to relationships

Depending on what you are used to, relationships can change in a number of different ways. 

If you are not in a major relationship or have not been up until this point, this can be a milestone year for you, one in which you change your style of relating and push for greater intimacy.

MOON IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

The Moon in the 7th house of the solar return shows the probability of being involved in a nurturing relationship. 

This relationship does not have to be an intimate one, though this is a possibility.

You may be caring for family members, or you may donate your extra time and money to a needy family that you know.

PLUTO IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your yearly Horoscope

While Pluto is in the 7th house, of Solar return chart issues concerning relationships become complex interactions which must be analyzed to be fully understood. 

Awareness is being raised to a new level of under-standing, and there is no book or course you can take which will give you the information you need for this passage.

Knowledge springs from the inner reaches of the mind and is fueled by the compulsions and frustrations realized in both intimate and nonintimate relationships.

MARS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

This is a time to be energized 
by another person who can get you to do something you would not or could not do alone..

In its most positive manifestation, collaboration with another carries you towards the initiation and completion of a project or joint endeavor.  

If the two of you can agree on mutual goals, you both can make great strides together. 

Your partner enthusiasm and drive be-come the primary motivating force.

NEPTUNE IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope

Relationships tend to lack definition and certainty during the year that Neptune is in the 7th house. There is a vagueness about involvements which manifests in a variety of ways. 
This is generally not the time to expect firm commitments.

Relationships, whether good or bad, tend to seek their own level of involvement and are not subject to categorization. It is unlikely that you will get married during the year, though you might discuss the possibility. 

VENUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE in yearly Horoscope

A 7th house Venus of Solar return chart emphasizes the importance of relating positively to others. 

This usually applies specifically to your relationship with one particular individual (such as a spouse or business partner), but may apply to others in general. 

Relationships can improve or deteriorate during the Solar Return  year, depending on your abilities and the situations involved.

SATURN in the 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Saturn in the 7th house of  Solar return year indicates that close personal relationships are defined, limited, or structured in order to establish a greater degree of safety and security.

For those dating and not married, usually, 

the relationship is defined as  not ready for marriage during this solar return year. 

Although this can be a time of great commitment for those who are already married, 

Example Case study chart - sun in the 7th of Solar return Chart

Anytime you have four or more planets in a house, you're in danger of overload. 

The areas of life associated with the house interpretation can consume most of your time and energy.

In Patricia's solar return chart, five planets are in the 7th house of Solar return chart.  

During this time, Patricia liter-ally gave up everything and sold the family farm to move to another state and be with her lover.