SATURN IN THE 6TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

Saturn in the 6th house can indicate a health strain. However, depending on your age and general body condition, you may or may not experience a health problem. 

Reassessing your health and work habits is a positive way to use this placement and may be crucial to continuing good health. Minor health problems such as colds and sore throats are likely if you overtax your body, but as a rule, most health problems will arise from long-term abuse, chronic problems, severe dietary deficiencies, or work-related stress.

Immediate changes can lead to improvements. For example, a long-time cigarette smoker stopped smoking after she experienced trouble breathing. She suddenly realized how precarious her health had become from the continuous abuse. Saturn rules reality and the reality of her situation became very clear to her. She needed to stop smoking immediately or run the risk of developing a serious health problem. 

If you are having chronic health problems, these problems may be aggravated or initiated by your involvement in certain circumstances.
 A nurse with chronic back problems realized that lifting sick patients aggravated her condition, and as she got older, she could no longer afford to jeop-ardize her health for the sake of a paycheck. Other careers or even other assignments within the nursing profession could be just as profitable. 

Severe deficiencies are associated with poor nutritional habits. Many people with this Saturn placement go on very strict diets which are not nutritionally sound.
 The tendency is to eliminate certain foods or meals from the menu entirely rather than cut down on intake. The goal is to lose weight, (and this is commonly done during the year), but poor eating habits are often established in the process. The diet one tends to choose, by its very nature, seeks to distort your eating habits rather than focus on balanced nutrition. Examples of these kinds of diets are those which concen-trate on eating one particular food or food group. It is true that you can lose weight by not eating certain foods, but you would be better off cutting out unnecessary food substances such as caffeine, sugar, fats, and red meats rather than those food substances which makegood nutritional sense. Artificial restrictions which do not suit your body's needs can tax your health. 

The best way to develop a personal diet is to become aware of your body's health from the inside out. Watch what you eat and how it makes you feel. 
Eat only those foods which make you feel good. Develop an exercise program that makes you feel more alive without taxing the system. Saturn rep-resents a teacher and a taskmaster. You can teach yourself good health habits by realistically observ-ing what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad and making adjustments accordingly. 
Stress-related health problems can also be traced to working conditions and co-worker relationships. Most commonly, the individual in poor health who does not fit into any of the three cate-gories mentioned above hates his or her present job and/or is under too much pressure to perform. Re-sponsibilities may be overwhelming and schedules too taxing. Thejob description itself may include tasks which are difficult, if not impossible, for the employee to accomplish without creating a health strain. Personal feelings about fellow co-workers, partners, and bosses can also cause nervousness and/or physical stress. (For example, office love affairs and employee conflicts frequently lead to stress.) 

Again, Saturn placed in the 6th house of health signals the need to deal realistically with job-re-lated problems. 
If you hate your job, find another. You can start from scratch in a new position, new company, or new career. If you prefer to stay with your present job, institute changes that will make tasks easier to accomplish. If you are in a position of authority, delegate responsibilities to others. A good manager knows how to develop the employee 
potential under his or her care. Use the talents of others wisely while reducing the amount of work you must handle personally. 

Regardless of your level of authority, systematize and structure office procedures under your control to make daily routines easier to accomplish. Use the suggestion box to point out problem areas and possible solutions. If you feel restricted at work, realize that the restrictions are meant to make you aware of the problem areas. If you find your job tedious and boring, you may be wasting your talents and need to move on. 

Promotions are likely if you have performed well in the past and can handle extra responsibility. 
A teenager with this placement may decide to enter the job market since he or she is now mature enough to behave in a professional manner. He or she may instead refuse to find ajob at all. (Sat-urn can also be associated with unemployment in rare situations.) Regardless of the teenager's deci-sion, the issue will arise. If you love your job and naturally work hard, you can become a workaholic during the year and spend many hours working overtime. Moderation is suggested. Remember, health is an issue. If you cannot regulate the amount of time you spend working, then your health will. For good health, structure your diet, habits, and work with a realistic respect for your body, its needs, and limitations. 


From year to year, the Sun passes through the solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example,

the Sun in the 1st house in this year's solar return will probably move up to the 10th house next year, assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude.

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