SATURN IN 5TH HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope

 Saturn in the 5th house of the solar return indicates that normal self-expression is affected by present circumstances.

 For one reason or another, you feel very unsure of yourself and find it difficult to express who you are without fear of criticism from others. Most likely, your social milieu has changed.

You may feel like a fish out of water, and you no longer feel relaxed and comfortable with yourself.

This is especially true if you suspect that you are in an unfriendly environment and you are consciously trying to be inoffensive to those around you. 

For example, a psychic who went to graduate school found that another psychic had attended the same school before him. 


The first psychic had verbally threatened various professors and alienated them to such an extent that the second student had to deal with the stigma of  being a psychic. 

It was to his advantage to be very inoffensive and non-threatening until he was able to establish his own personality as separate and distinct from his predecessor's. 

He experienced a period of self-imposed personality limitation while he worked toward greater definition of who he was. When he succeeded, he was able to show practical applications for his skills. 

Another example,  LEARN MORE: SATURN IN 5TH HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope


SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 

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