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SATURN IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

Saturn placed in the 2nd house of Solar return is generally not a sign of financial success and monetary abundance.  
It usually means learning to live with less either because you have to or because you want to. Individuals have experienced this solar return differently.

Some have experienced financial hardship because they have overspent in the past, but others have planned inadequately for the future and are now faced with a pending major expense.
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In either case, the reality of the financial situation becomes very evident, and these individuals must suddenly take fiscal responsibility for their past and future actions and curb their material appetites.

Other individuals with this placement in their solar return charts are not so hindered by budgetary limitations because they have priorities stronger than money. And if you Need to know your Future,  Ask me 1 free Question ✍(◔◡◔) INFO@ASTROSIGNATURE.COM 

To them, money is seen as only a means to an end and not an end in itself. Fiscal control is necessary for goal fulfillment, and there are priorities more important than money. 

Those individuals considering major changes in lifestyles will have this placement if the change involves a decrease in salary. 

Goals of returning to school, having a child, starting a business, working on a long-term project with little financial reward, retiring, or moving to another part of the country are consistent with Saturn in this house. Its placement here signals your ability to cope with financial belt-tightening. 
Use this time to reassess your value system and establish priorities consistent with your future goals and present earning power.

Do not allow your options to be limited by inadequate funding. You may have to budget your income, save for a rainy day, and cut your living expenses in order to realize your dream, but the adjustments can be made, and you can live on less. 

This time can be used to save for a major expense (such as purchasing a house or car). It is also possible that this is the first year after a major purchase when finances are generally very tight.

The 2nd house is the house of self-worth, and during the year you can place yourself in a situation where you are either underpaid or not fully appreciated. 


If you have a poor self-image, you may need to experience deprivation to get in touch with your own real value. The fact that your situation is not healthy encourages indignation and reassessment.

Those individuals with strong feelings of self-worth might stay in a low-paying job or difficult situation for different reasons. Morals, values, and ethics are extremely important, and you may deliberately stay in a difficult or low-paying position because of your ethical priorities. A man working for a non-profit organization stuck with his job despite the financial hardship placed on him and his family. His belief in what he was doing was so strong that he could not in good conscience leave until his task was completed one year later. And if you Need to know your Future,  Ask me 1 free Question ✍(◔◡◔) INFO@ASTROSIGNATURE.COM . Your personal Astrosignature 7 years from now , including In Depth analysis of your personal Question.

The process of reassessing your value system and living by the financial priorities you set yourself is consistent with Saturn in the 2nd house of Solar return.

 Money and material possessions should not matter, only your priorities for the present and your goals for the future. 
During this Solar Return year

long-term goals and satisfaction are more important than short-term compensation. Saturn in the 2nd denotes a desire to limit all excesses and overindulgences. 

If you are a smoker, heavy drinker, or drug addict, you will be very aware of the connection between your behavior now and the possibility of present or future health problems. The urge to limit these indulgences will be especially strong early in the year, and it is to your benefit to take action at that time. (The desire to quit smoking is especially strong with this placement.) You will begin to see the negative consequences commonly associated with your behavior. 

These negative reactions will manifest both in your own body and in the health of others. The issue of control will surface again and again. You can go cold turkey with this placement, simply consider this option, or seek professional assistance.


First, the good news: This could well be the transit that helps you identify the career that would be most meaningful to you. 
And while Saturn transits your second house, you will be eager to invest in your long-term goals and implement practical, long-range plans to improve your finances. 

Wherever Saturn transits, however, your chickens come home to roost. 

If you have been saving diligently since the day you got your first job, this could be a phenomenal transit that moves you up to the next rung of the financial ladder. However, if you haven’t handled your finances wisely in the past, you will likely begin this transit feeling as though you don’t have enough resources to invest. 

If you’ve been taking care of your body, you should look and feel great, but if you haven’t, you will probably be seeing and feeling those effects as well. Learn from past mistakes. In time, and with patience, you can still build the physical strength and financial health that you want and need.

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