SUN CONJUNCT SATURN In your Yearly Solar Return

 When the Sun is conjunct Saturn in the solar return chart, matters can seem like they are at a stand-still. 
Saturn is sometimes called the tripper of the zodiac who delays your progress until you get things right. 

Saturnian influences imply structure and that structure can either be supportive or restrictive depending on the situation and your ability to handle challenges in a positive manner. When you shirk responsibility and buck authority without good reason, circumstances can deteriorate into a stalemate situation in which no one wins. 

Be realistic and accurately assess the situation. If hard work is required, get busy. The productive characteristics associated with Saturn include persistence, patience, organization, stability, practicality, realistic expectations, and results. When your behavior is consistent with these beneficial traits, progress and self-mastery result. Hone your skills and augment your potential. Major projects can be completed at this time and great things can be accomplished by the end of the solar return year. 

The Sun conjunct Saturn in Solar Return is not meant to reflect a depressing time, but it does reflect stark realism.
 Accurate perceptions of existing situations are essential to either accept or alter future expectations. For those anticipating idealistic or overly optimistic outcomes, reality can be stark. Some individuals may feel depressed during the solar return year either because their expectations weren't realized or because they did not put in the necessary effort to manifest what was intended, wanted, and/or needed.

 Beyond those circumstances which one can control, restrictions, frustrations, and delays can plague the native despite one's best efforts. Sometimes a health-related problem contributes to temporary or permanent impediments. You must accept responsibility for your own life situation and work with limitations you cannot control or change. Into every life a little rain must fall and this might be your year. Complaining will only lead to frustration, isolation, and loneliness. Saturn has been called “the great teacher.” There is a lesson to be learned here even if it is not an easy lesson to address. 

You must be patient in assessing your options. Progress can occur, but it tends to occur slowly and involve careful planning, hard work, and discipline. Still, put in the effort. It is common to be involved with a major project or task during the year that requires your full attention. Focus on finding solutions to problems and make your way around obstacles. Use your skills and talents in a productive manner and develop the expertise you need to succeed.


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