SUN SQUARE or OPPOSITE URANUS in your Yearly Solar Return

The Sun square or opposite Uranus in the solar return chart suggests you either actively initiate changes or passively experience them through or because of others. 
Changes tend to be major and sweeping while affecting you deeply. 

If you turn a blind eye, change is more likely to happen to you, welcomed or not. Stress and tension will build until matters are taken out of your hands, and you become the recipient of the very situation you sought to evade. Events can seem uncontrollable when you have ignored a persistent problem or internal restlessness. It is also possible, though less likely, that a series of small alterations in rapid succession disrupts your daily routine.

 Generally, change is a part of any solar return year that has the Sun square or opposite Uranus. The transition is easiest to weather and most likely to result in a positive outcome when you are proactively involved. If this is an option, certainly participate in creating your future. 

Since Uranus transits can last for two or more years, you may be at the beginning of the change this year or near the end. 
If the degree for Uranus is less than the degree for the Sun, Uranus by transit is applying to the Sun and the change is probably about to begin. Be prepared. If the degree for Uranus is higher than that of the Sun, Uranus by transit is separating from the Sun and the change might be nearing completion. Focus on recovery efforts. If the Sun and Uranus are very close together, within a degree or two, you are probably in the midst of an evolution or revolution. Stay flexible and considered. Avoid overreactions and escalation. 

Changes correspond to significant life developments such as pregnancy and birth, career change or job transfer, relocation, health crisis, marriage or partnership, separation or divorce, financial reward or loss, and notoriety. Issues involve boredom versus excitement, restriction versus freedom, and stagnation versus growth. Changes can ultimately be beneficial, but it might not seem so at the time. This is a good time to be creative, inventive, and original. Necessity is the mother of invention. Be inspired regardless of the situation.

SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 


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