SUN CONJUNCT URANUS In your Yearly Solar Return Chart

The Sun conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart suggests that the individual is making or experiencing changes.
Changes are usually major and sweeping, though sometimes a series of small changes in rapid succession indicate the shift. Changes are usually self-initiated and directed, unless a persistent problem or internal restlessness is ignored. When you avoid the obvious need for transition, matters can be taken out of your hands, in which case, you become the passive recipient of the change you sought to evade. Transformations tend to be more disruptive and less controllable the longer you side-step issues and take evasive action. Changes are more likely to be beneficial when you address the issues at hand, respond proactively, and participate or contribute to the transition occurring. 

Change is a part of any solar return year that has the Sun conjunct Uranus. 
Changes may build up over several years' time or occur quickly with a long recovery period. Since Uranus transits can last for two or more years, you may be at the beginning of the change this year, or near the end depending on whether Uranus is applying to the Sun, separating from the Sun, or the conjunction is exact. If the degree for Uranus is less than the degree for the Sun, Uranus by transit is applying to the Sun and the change is probably about to begin. If the degree for Uranus is higher than that of the Sun, Uranus by transit is separating from the Sun and the change might be nearing completion. If the Sun and Uranus are very close together within one or two degrees, you are probably in the midst of transition. 

There is always an element of surprise associated with Uranus and changes are frequently not what you expect. They can correspond to significant life developments such as pregnancy and birth, career change or job transfer, relocation, health crisis, marriage or partnership, separation or divorce, financial reward or loss, and notoriety. On the other hand, changes might entail a series of minor events and major disruption. Issues involve boredom versus excitement, restriction versus freedom, and stagnation versus growth. 

Even though there is no guarantee that matters will turn out as hoped or expected, this is a good time to be creative, inventive and original. Use this tailwind to recreate your life.

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