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Another example of this uneasiness with self is the experience of an older woman dating a much younger man.

 She did not really fit in with his friends, and he could not really relate to hers. The tran-sition from one environment to another may involve some inhibition. The natural flow associated with self-expression seems more controlled and consciously directed. There will be situations where caution is warranted and even advantageous. The ability to "fit in" where you would not normally go can be beneficial to your own growth and to those you meet. 

The need for greater discipline when working creatively is commonly seen with this Saturn placement. During the year, even the creative process itself will be subject to greater control.

 The natural flow needs to be channelled in a more organized and productive manner, while the final creation needs greater refinement. Some examples of these changes might include working within a scheduled time frame or having deadlines to meet. You may have a particular piece which is popular and can be reproduced for the mass market. You probably should review the creative process and make changes according to your future needs and 

During the year, you are likely to ask for constructive criticism of your work in the hopes of getting a clearer definition of what you are trying to get across.
 You may find that what you create is not ex-actly consistent with your intention. If this is true, the creative process will now be more labored and tedious as you work to refine your creation. You become less involved with Venusian creativity since you are now more involved with Saturnian perfectionism. Major pieces of work and difficult long-term projects are also implied by Saturn in the 5th house. 

In all of these instances, it can initially become more difficult to express yourself creatively. 
Blockages can occur, but the goal, in the end, is a better product which is a more accurate reflection of  what you were trying to get across. You are willing to make the extra effort necessary to perfect the creative process and, ultimately, your creation. Those who are unable to make this kind of commitment and who lack the perseverance necessary will remain blocked throughout most of the year. 

Self-criticism can be at an all-time high during this period while self-confidence may be shaken. 

These personality tendencies directly relate to the refinement process and the desire to handle very different or difficult situations. Moving closer to perfection means first seeing what is less than perfect. Do not let criticism, whether yours or someone else's, discourage you. You should actually welcome constructive criticism since it will help you see what must be done. 
You must go beyond your disappointment. The quality required for future tasks is much higher than that required in the past. You need to be more organized, disciplined, consistent, and practical in the future. Sloppy habits, laziness, inconsistency, and hypocrisy can limit your success and weaken your self-confidence, both this year and in years to come. 

Relationships, especially love affairs, (but generally not including marital relationships), can be more difficult with Saturn in the 5th house. 
Saturn is consistent with limitations of one form or another. These limitations may be specific to this particular relationship, or they may be residual fears from a previous involvement. Common specific limitations include long-distance relationships, May-December romances, extramarital affairs, or relationships that involve a great deal of separation at least for the present year. You or your loved one may not have the available time necessary to carry on a wild romance. Practicality may be important. 

The very worst manifestation is that you will be denied the relationship you want. This is most likely to be true if you are presently involved with a person who has previous commitments. Sometimes the relationship itself lacks affection and true caring. With very negative mani-festations, Saturn may indicate sado-masochistic attractions or relationships that involve more pain than love. 

If you have children, they may require closer supervision during the coming year. 
More of your time and energy can be taken up by their demands, and some individuals will find this frustrating and restricting. Situations will require you to be more actively involved with your children on a daily basis. New parents tend to have this placement, (or a similar strong Saturn placement), because of the time and energy needed to care for an infant. The most common issues associ-ated with school-aged children are either academic or behavioral goals or problems. 

For one reason or another, children may not be able to cope with everyday circum-stances on their own and now need your guidance and support. This is especially true for children going through major life stages, (infancy, terrible twos, puberty), or children trying to adjust to major life changes, (relocation, new school, parents' separation or divorce, the birth of a sib-ling). Increased discipline may or may not be appropriate, depending on the circumstances. Increased support and guidance are always appropriate. If your children are now adults, it is still possible for them to be involved in life situations that concern you or require assistance. 


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