The JUPITER and SATURN Promise In Birth chart or in Transit/Progress Chart

 We all want to expand our lives. Perhaps we want to expand our mental skills by attending college. We may want to extend our earning capacity through career training. We may want to form strong partnerships or enter into a romantic relationship, in order to expand our horizons. (We probably don't want to expand our physical weight!) Each of these possibilities relates to the planet Jupiter, and how it works in our birth charts. Shakespeare pointed out that we have many potential roles that unfold in regular rhythms throughout our lives. 

This interpretation takes a look at your birth chart from the perspective of the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter takes about 11.86 years to go around the Sun. This almost twelve year period relates to many of the major life transitions you will experience throughout your life. Each milestone in this interpretation takes place at a Jupiter Transit/Progression - when Jupiter reaches the same point in the zodiac it occupied when you were born. We can learn from Shakespeare's humorous depictions of the Ages of Man. 

Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the planets

Where it is found in the birth chart or in Transit/Progress Chart, we find a focus for our hopes and dreams. It indicates an area of life where we are optimistic, expansive, generous, and often successful. It also indicates an area of popularity. Sometimes Jupiter shows where we are overconfident or extravagant. It shows where and how we seek to develop a more idealistic or philosophical attitude, and also where we can be impractical, excessive, or ostentatious. On a practical level Jupiter governs function - the way things work. This includes processes in the physical body. 


Let's begin at the beginning. At birth you have unique potential to grow to adulthood, fulfill your talents, achieve emotional security and happiness, and to express yourself as a spiritual being. Sometimes you will work hard and achieve more. Other times you will struggle, only to be frustrated in your desires. Frustrations often teach us greater self discipline ... by creating patience, for example. You always have choices along the way. 

Saturn's birth potential encompasses these general considerations:

  physical development and health considerations - mental and emotional development - areas of pessimism or limited enjoyment - consciousness of self - career and enduring legacy - your life path in general, from starting point to life lessons to rewards. - potential for wisdom and maturity.

One way to summarize the role of Saturn is to look at your capacity for self-preservation. All of the above-listed traits come into play as you seek to defend yourself against perceived attacks, or to go on the "attack" as an assertive, ambitious individual. You develop skills that aid you in becoming a successful, satisfied person. Success depends both on defensive capacity and assertiveness.

 These consideration play out in two ways. First, there is the "normal" path - the typical pattern of development that all people follow. This path is true for everyone. Then there is the unique focus you bring to your own life. This is where you reveal your own power and will. The intersection between the typical and the individual is the subject of this interpretation. 

Because Saturn moves relatively slowly through the signs, all the people born within about a 2 to 2 1/2 year period share many qualities. Here are some thoughts about your unique potential, as seen in your birth chart. People in your immediate age group share many of these traits.


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