Sun in the 5th of Solar return chart - With case Study

The Sun in the 5th house of Solar Return emphasizes the need to express yourself more fully. 

When the Sun is in the 1st house, you try to find out who you are, but when the Sun is in the 5th house, you know who you are, and have a stronger-than-usual urge for expression. 
Having your Sun in this house can mean watching your personality bloom. This is a wonderful position for those who have been compromised in the past and now feel the need to be more assertive. 

The outer expression of your personality should become more useful to your future goals and also more consistent with your inner qualities. “To thine own self be true,” should be the motto for this placement. 

But keep in mind also the desire to maintain relationships with others. Although self-expression may disrupt relationships somewhat, the purpose of this placement is to foster good relationships while increasing your self-expression. 

The Sun in the 5th house of Solar return can also show a strong involvement with children; if you are a parent, they may be the major focus of your attention. If you have a tendency to express yourself through your children, you must be careful not to dominate their lives. And Here are more example case study on how to intererpret your Solar Return Year.

On the other hand, this can be a rewarding time, one in which you are very proud of your children and their achievements.
There is always the possibility of romance with this placement, and if a relationship occurs, it is usually very exciting. Sexual attractions play a major role in determining to whom you are drawn.

Romantic interchanges and affairs are possible. This can be a heart-pounding infatuation at its best, but remember that the 5th house rules unbounded relationships rather than marriage. Although you may discuss marriage with your newfound love, it is very unlikely that you will tie the knot this Solar Return year. Because the 5th house is also the house of speculation, you are more likely to take risks this year.  

You do not necessarily gamble or speculate (though you may), but you are willing to bet on your own abilities. The chances you take may or may not involve money, but you are open to asserting yourself and trying new things. You readily risk failure because of a desire to stretch the boundaries of self-expression.


Of the four succedent houses ( 👉 2nd, 👉 5th, 👉 8th, and 👉 11th), the 2nd house seems to be the one most closely associated with a return to stability and traditional values. For this reason Learn more..

CASE STUDY - Sun in 5th house Solar Return

In this chart, we have the Sun and the Moon in the same house in Solar return chart, so right away, we know that a new beginning is possible. 

The Sun and Moon are also in the same sign indicating that the conscious and unconscious needs are basically the same. The Sun-Moon conjunction was not an eclipse, so the new beginning had nothing to do with profession or career goals. 

This is the chart of a 13-year-old girl named Hope. She is dating for the first me and seeing a 19-year-old boy. With the Moon in the 5th house, there is usually a "first of some kind involving relationships. It can be the first person you date, the first time you meet the person you are to marry, the first affair, or, after a divorce, the first new relationship in a long time. The emphasis is on "first." This is Hope's first boyfriend. 

The Moon in the 5th also points toward an emotional connection being made in a relationship. The Sun in the 5th usually indicates a sexual attraction. Together, the Sun and the Moon indicate that this young girl is involved in her first romantic relationship and it could lead to sex. The Sun in the 5th says•To thine own self be true!' Hope needs to really know herself, what she wants, and express it, vocally! 

If we study the chart more closely, we can see some of the stress this girl is under. Uranus, Mars, and Neptune in the 7th house of others, square 5th house planets, widely, and some-times closely. Mercury is squared by Mars indicating mental stress and the pressure to think in a particular way. The Sun and Moon are squared by Neptune showing possible con-fusion, mixed messages, and faulty arguments. 

The girl's mother was very concerned for her daughter. She wished to counsel Hope about choices. She also wanted her daughter to have access to birth control if necessary. There was a history of surprise teenage pregnancies in the family, and Mom wanted to avoid any mishaps by giving her daughter protection. We can see the moral dilemma Hope was feeling with Jupiter in the 8th house squaring the Sun and Moon in the 5th. Jupiter in the 8th can indicate a moral or ethical dilemma, often of a sexual nature. 

Health problems can be indicated by the 6th house Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. The young girl did have a bad case of acne and eventually addressed the problem with medication. 

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