Example Case Study Chart - Sun in the 1st house of Solar Return Chart

This is the chart of a woman who has just separated from her husband and is filing for a divorce. 
Debbie had been married to a very controlling man for approximately ten years. During most of her marriage, she was extremely overweight.

She was a stay-at-home mother and rarely left the house or went out socially. Debbie had no friends and only spent a little time talking to neighbors. However, when the family financial situation changed, Debbie was forced to seek a part-time job at a local supermarket. 

Once she started working, she began to develop friendships with other employees. She started to lose weight, and eventually, a beautiful woman emerged. During this time, Debbie's husband became even more controlling and would not let her go out with friends or stay at work for employee functions. At the very beginning of the solar return year shown here, she asked him to leave, and one month later threw him out .

Looking at this char , we see the Sun in the 1st house indicating that this is a time when Debbie will be testing her skills and abilities to make things happen on her own. She went 
directly from parents to marriage; this is the first time in her life that she will need to rely on herself. We can see the need for change: in addition to the Sun in the 1st house, Uranus is also there, conjuncting the Sun, compounding the restlessness and desire 
  • While the SUN in Synastry Chart, is one of the key factors astrologers consider when analyzing the dynamics between two people. The Sun represents the core essence of an individual's personality, ego, and self-expression.. for example SUN - MERCURY Synastry in OPPOSITION Aspect...
for change. It is interesting to note that the Moon is also in the first house. Whenever the Sun and Moon appear in the same house, there is a new beginning of one kind or another. Debbie is beginning life without her husband. When the Sun and the Moon are in the same house, but in different signs, the unconscious need or desire (Moon) is different from the conscious desire (Sun). 

Here, the Moon is in Scorpio, and this is the year this woman really discovered how enjoyable sex could be. She took a lover and became orgasmic for the first time in her life. But her lover tried to press her into marriage, and she dearly loved her freedom (represented by the Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus). She was torn, but her lover eventually refused to see her when she would not make a commitment. 

So here Debbie is alone, standing on her own two feet and raising two children. Since she was a part-time employee, money was never certain. She wanted a promotion to full-time employment We can see that this was unlikely with Saturn in the 11th house of pro-motions and money from employment If we look at the 2nd house, we also see uncertainty there with Neptune. This particular placement can indicate "hand to mouth" economics. There rarely is a guarantee of a steady income or much financial backup with Neptune in the 2nd. This worried her, but with Mars in the 10th house, we can see that Debbie was resourceful. Whenever anyone needed some time off, Debbie would fill in for him or her and work the extra hours. In this way, she supplemented her income. Debbie's employers, 
noticing how willing she was to work, promoted her to a full-time position the following year when the Sun moved into the 10th house. 

Sun in First house Solar return, Self-development is the major theme of your year.

 Keen to master many aspects of your own life, in particular your self-expression, you want to shine as the major player in your life. Circumstances may force you to face facts, but you are also eager to embrace a new sense of self, expending a lot of time and energy on pursuits that promote your own well being. Others may feel a little neglected, as you feel that you don't need other's co-operation, but  be aware of the consequences of your actions right now. 

If you act too selfishly then you may discover that others leave you to enjoy your own company. If you have been working on a project behind the scenes then this year you truly shine.


This house is the root or support system for the rest of the solar return chart. Learn more..

SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house ...

From year to year, the Sun passes through the Solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. See  For example..


The interpretation of the solar return chart can stand alone and does not have to be related to the natal chart. A wealth of information can be obtained from just studying the solar return chart by itself, the house placements of the planets, and the aspects between them. But for those who look for natal confirmation or comparison of the solar return to the natal chart, place the natal chart outside the wheel of the solar return. All sense of house placement is lost when the solar return goes outside the natal in a biwheel chart technique. This is a major loss, and it can cripple one's ability to interpret the solar return. There is a specific reason that the natal chart goes on the outside of a biwheel chart. As stated above, the solar return chart is meant to stand alone with much of its interpretation based on house placement. 

In order to get a more accurate interpretation of  Transit and Solar Return chart, you will need to consult with a professional astrologer. A professional astrologer will be able to take into account all of the factors mentioned above to give you a more personalized interpretation.


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