Thursday, November 11, 2021

Example chart case study - sun in the 8th house of Solar return

This chart is an interesting lesson in assessing the magnitude of a conflict or issue. Tammy has three planets in the 8th house of Solar return chart of shared money, sex, and psychological influences. 

Control can be a major concern with the 8th house, and so it was with this chart. Note Pluto in the 5th house squaring the combination of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 8th. 

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The presenting problem was this: Tammy's daughter and only child was about to enter college. The girl had picked out a school away from home and wanted to live in a co-ed dormitory. 

Tammy and her husband objected strongly, and this was a major struggle with their child.

 They were refusing to finance the girl's education unless she chose to live in a girl's dormitory. 

The presenting problem does reflect the content of the 5th to 8th house squares, but it does not come close to representing the magnitude of the issue. Pluto square the Sun is a powerful aspect to have in your solar return chart. It indicates a power struggle, very likely one of major proportions. 

It eventually did come out in the reading that this woman was locked in a stalemate with her husband over sexuality. He had ceased to have sexual relations with Tammy shortly after their daughter was born. During the following eighteen years, he not only refused to see a counselor concerning this issue, he also refused to discuss the situation. Instead, all of his energies were directed toward con-trolling his wife. He wanted to know where she was every minute of the day. 

In addition to sexual manipulation, there was also emotional and financial control. Although Tammy worked, she hated her job and wanted to quit Her husband made a lot more money than she did and had told her that he would withhold financial support if she tried to leave him. Tammy was in need of professional counseling regarding this issue. She needed to ascertain a course of action that suited her needs. Because profound change is common while the Sun in the 8th house, it is possible that Tammy left her marriage during this time. 

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