NEPTUNE IN 2ND HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

 Neptune in the 2nd house of Solar return chart, generally indicates monetary uncertainty lasting for most of the year. 

Those who are self-employed or working on a commission basis already have incomes which fluctuate. They can never be too sure exactly how much money will be earned. 

This is a common occurrence for these professionals, but there may be reasons for even more variation than usual at this time. One might be opening a new shop or pushing a new product, and a degree of uncertainty surrounds the hoped for, yet unproven success. 

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Planet in Solar Return Aspecting in NEPTUNE

For those who are on a fixed salary, this placement may appear more threatening. Supposedly, you already earn a specified amount.

If this is your situation, a number of possibilities exist. Rumors of layoffs, pay cuts, or salary increases will make the exact amount of your earnings appear uncertain. Pay cuts may never materialize, while promised raises can be put off indefinitely. 

Rumors might be all that exist for the entire year. Salaried positions which are funded by grants will not be confirmed until the money arrives. Part-time employees with flexible hours have changeable incomes, and might only report when work is available. Seasonal fluctuations affecting some professions dictate the number of hours worked.

The salary situation is usually 99% uncertainty with no actual loss of employment or funds, but the situation can make you anxious.

 Decisions you make during the year might also lead to fiscal uncertainty. A leave of absence without pay is an option you could choose if you are pregnant, desire more time with your children, or plan to travel or study. Long-term projects without any guarantee of financial return are another option. You may volunteer your services. These are just some of the possibilities indicated by this placement which make money seem uncertain.

Financial anxiety is a problem especially if your income appears to be totally unpredictable or undependable. 

If you are presently unemployed, but share resources with another person, you may worry about his or her income as well as your own lack of funds. This is a time when it might be essential that you cope with some financial uncertainty in order to progress. However, it is not essential that you become anxious. That is a conscious or unconscious choice. For example, aspects to Neptune in the 2nd house from the 11th can indicate that goals are initially or basically economically unrewarding, or can only be accomplished with a degree of financial risk and uncertainty. If you can cope with the uncertainty, you may be very successful later on.

Some individuals have an unstructured attitude toward money and will not be very concerned by fluctuations. 

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For others, uncertainty may be a product of the accounting system or lack thereof, rather than related to actual income. Hand-to-mouth economics prevails over budgetary restraints. Strict savings programs are unlikely at this time. The tendency is to be very free with money and not tightfisted. What money you have can be drained away unnoticed or used to help others. You easily give away extra funds or sacrifice your own financial security to assist those in need. The lack of concern may or may not be to your advantage. If you are too busy to be unduly concerned with money, this is no problem; however, if your present lack of financial accountability limits your progress or threatens your security, it is time to handle the situation in a more structured way.

The act of giving should be an act of love and not a product of low self-esteem. 

You must reassess issues of self-worth if you consistently remain in situations where you are unappreciated. Self-deprivation is not to your advantage and is not indicative of a higher consciousness. It is a manifestation associated with an inability to value oneself. If you remain in a low-paying job because you doubt your abilities, or a high-salaried, unfulfilling position because you are only worth the amount of money you bring in, you suffer from low self-worth. If you truly valued yourself and your abilities, and understood your spiritual purpose, you would move on. It is important to comprehend the mundane symbolism associated with finances. Monetary problems are meant to signify issues in personal assessment and appreciation. Issues in these two areas are interconnected, and difficulties should be addressed.

During the year, money and possessions could be seen as unimportant in the long run. 

Other priorities tend to be stressed more than a good cash flow. Values are fluctuating toward a nonmaterialistic emphasis, and inner qualities and spiritual ideals gain significance as possessions or money lose ground. The appreciation of inner beauty increases over anything of external value. Personal satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment are now more meaningful, or at least they should be. The plane of matter needs to become consistent with spiritual purpose, and you must start to use possessions and money in a more enlightened manner. A simple desire for or dependency on funds will not suffice. 

Fiscal fluctuations will produce great anxiety in those fixated on their wallets. Use this year to put material possessions in perspective. Your present priorities set the stage for the future. Do you value cash more than health? More than job fulfillment? Could you use funds in a more meaningful and helpful manner? Do you keep yourself in a constant state of anxiety over money? This is a time when one is asked to trust the financial flow. You can live on less, take risks and still survive, going on to new opportunities. Those who are able to trust will experience minimal discomfort with this placement; those who are unable to do so will experience great anxiety. If you believe you deserve to be prosperous, you can simply trust in the flow of goodness and bounty while moving toward the fulfillment of a Universal need. Sustenance flows to those who work for the good of all.

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