NEPTUNE IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope

Relationships tend to lack definition and certainty during the year that Neptune is in the 7th house. There is a vagueness about involvements which manifests in a variety of ways. 

This is generally not the time to expect firm commitments.

Relationships, whether good or bad, tend to seek their own level of involvement and are not subject to categorization. It is unlikely that you will get married during the year, though you might discuss the possibility. 

The tendency, though, is toward all talk and no action.

Strong placements in the 5th house, aspecting Neptune in the 7th, tend to indicate that an involvement is more closely akin to an affair than an established partnership. Perhaps you are not quite sure where the relationship is headed. This can be true even though you have been together for a number of years.  

Your partner may be contemplating career or personal changes which will affect you either directly or indirectly. You might be asked to make a leap of faith, trusting your partner's instincts and providing the support necessary for the transition he or she wishes to make. Generally, you must do this without any guarantees of success or return. Occasionally, you will be asked to sacrifice your own needs for those of your partner. 

Relationships can be downright confusing and anxiety-producing with little sense of direction or destination.

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