URANUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Uranus in the 2nd shows a change in your earning power and financial situation. 
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Alterations can be major or minor, fluctuating or one-time single events. The adjustment can be either positive or negative, but both manifestations can occur at different times during the year. Positive interpretations include pay raises or large windfalls. 

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Those who have not been working can find employment and those who have been doing volunteer work can now get paid for the work they do. Being self-employed or working on a commission or incentive basis is common with this placement. You might land that big account, exceed previous sales records, or successfully start or expand your own business during the year.

Negative interpretations include a total break in income because of either a job change, relocation, or leave of absence without pay (the most likely reason for this being maternity leave). 

Those who work steadily may receive or accept a pay cut. Some actually request a cutback in hours (and therefore pay) because of shifting goals or pressing personal needs. It is possible to give up a job with a very good income. Salespersons working on a commission basis may find it more difficult to sell products for one reason or another. Changes in earning power seem to be more closely associated with this placement than disruptive spending practices; however,...Continue Reading -->>

Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2022..


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