NEPTUNE IN FIRST HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

its very highest manifestation, Neptune in the 1st house of Solar return is associated with a renewed commitment of the self to a higher force or principle. 

This placement implies spirituality in being and in action.

It is not enough to believe in higher forces—you must also act accordingly, practicing what you preach. 

During the year, the individual is seen as a part of the Universal Whole, possessing both personal insignificance and great spiritual importance at the same time.

Insignificance occurs when the individual tries to stand alone. 

Self-centered needs and egotism are dwarfed in comparison to the spiritual process, and do not matter in the long run. If the will is not in keeping with the Divine purpose, it is limited and meaningless.

Purely personal endeavors tend to get sidetracked before completion since the needs of others are more pressing, understandable, and important within the context of the Whole. For this reason, one tends to be egoless at this time, giving unselfishly to others and subjugating the self to a higher purpose.

Even though this is a time of personal insignificance, it is also a time of great spiritual importance for the individual. 

If you choose to view yourself and your soul within the realm of Universal consciousness, you will become aware of the role you play in the spiritual process and your ability to affect another soul’s growth and potential. This is a time when you might understand some truth others miss, and if you are willing to give unselfishly, you can be a beacon for those who are blind. Situations may be subtle or blatant, commitments passing or definitive. In less obvious interchanges, compassion is increased, and you naturally want to help others. 

You become the Good Samaritan giving your time and energy to those in need whether family, neighbors, or friends. In blatant interchanges, there is a definite request followed by a firm commitment to a cause, task, or individual.

You know what you are getting into. Some will choose to help many; others, only one particular person. As a rule, the process of assisting others comes easily and naturally when there is an awareness of a principle higher than one’s own ego. During these times of giving, you will be encouraged to grow spiritually. Tasks usually exceed previous understanding and capabilities, and you must rise to the occasion through further enlightenment. 

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